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A campaign (or email campaign) is an email that is sent to the entire list of subscribers. It is dedicated to different themes and events. In SendPulse, an email campaign is created in three steps and it takes only a few minutes. In this article you’ll learn how to create an email campaign step by step.  

Here are some popular email campaigns that marketers use to build customer loyalty, brand awareness, and effective sales:

  • Welcome new subscribers. This email campaign is usually sent after the subscriber signs up for your mailings.
  • Announcements. This email campaign can send scheduled emails for upcoming holidays.
  • Ask for comments or feedback. This email campaign can be sent after a user makes a purchase.
  • Send a coupon (discount). This email campaign motivates your subscribers to buy.  
  • Expert advice. With the help of this email campaign, subscribers will learn much more about your product or service.
  • Invitations. This email campaign can be used to invite your subscribers to visit your online webinar or offline event.
  • Send GIFs or videos. Sending this type of content is a very effective email tactic for subscriber engagement.
  • Promotional. When sending a promotional email campaign, pay attention to particular products as it will help to increase sales for a particular product line.
  • Upselling. Upselling is an opportunity to offer another product to subscriber who recently made a purchase.
  • Welcome to social networks. This email campaign can be sent to inform subscribers that your company is active on social media platforms.
  • Abandoned cart. This email campaign will return subscribers to their abandoned shopping cart and inspire them to complete their purchase. 
  • Holiday congratulations. This email campaign will help you to build your subscribers’ trust.
  • Seasonal emails. With this type of email campaign, you can send relevant offers to subscribers; for example, you can offer umbrellas in fall, or sunglasses and summer outfits in summer. Take a look at J. Crew's summer campaign:


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