Drip campaign is an email marketing strategy designed to turn leads into customers by means of sending them a series of automated emails over a certain period of time. After the registration in SendPulse, you can use all the professional instruments to send relevant content at the right time.

Drip campaign has many faces as marketers often use terms like marketing automation or drip marketing or just a plain autoresponder. Basically, one should understand that a drip campaign is a set of ready-made emails sent to prospective customers at a pre-scheduled time. Often these emails are sent when a certain event is triggered. This event can be a registration on your website, a subscription to your weekly newsletter or an order placed by the customer at your online shop. 

Email remains one of the most affordable as well as efficient tools to spread the word about your brand, product or service. Drip marketing allows both small and large businesses to nurture leads effectively.

How to create a drip campaign

  1. Get your product or content ready. 
  2. Build a landing page.
  3. Segment your target audience according to specific criteria.
  4. Pick an email marketing automation platform SendPulse offers Automation 360.
  5. Register and set all the necessary data for your drips: mailing list, triggers, conditions, etc.
  6. Design drip emails taking into account your brand style.
  7. Link your pre-designed emails to triggers.
  8. Run A/B tests and make changes if necessary.
  9. Start your drip marketing campaign
  10. Measure your results and consider adjustments 

Obviously, there is much more to that, but once you make the first move it gets easier. For more details follow this step-by-step guide or watch the video inside it.

Having an option of running your drip campaign through multiple channels is a great advantage. SendPulse lets you reach your customers by means of emails, web push notifications or SMS. You can go even further and extend your marketing efforts to social media. The more exposure your brand gets the better, but then, you don’t want to overdo it, do you? 

How many emails do you need for a good drip campaign

There is no definite number to answer this question as all the marketing campaigns are different. However, they all have the same goal. According to Yesware, you may have up to 25% chance to get a reply after your third follow up. 

You may also wonder how often should you send your emails within your drip campaign. The best strategy here is to apply some good old common sense. An effective drip campaign shouldn’t have a bunch of emails sent every day. Don’t be too annoying, but again, don’t let your customers forget about you. More than 2 emails per week would seem more like spamming. Concentrate on the quality of your emails, not the quantity. 

How to structure a sales drip campaign

The structure example is built on an abandoned cart automated campaign. 

  1. A customer leaves items in the shopping cart on your site.
  2. The first email is compiled and sent to the customer.
  3. In case the customer finishes the transaction, send a thank you email with order details.
  4. If the customer ignores the first email, send the follow-up email with a discount in 2-4 days.  

Abandoned cart email 

If the follow-up email fails to work, pause and change your strategy otherwise there is a risk your emails will put in spam boxes.  

Send a drip campaign

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