Our team 

Meet our team of professionals who make SendPulse work for you.

Over the time that our company has been around, its staff has grown from a handful of people to 35 professionals in their respective fields.

Our company is home to:

  • 12 web and mobile developers
  • 6 sales gurus
  • 6 technical support geeks
  • 11 marketing guys

We’re always in search of new employees for our SendPulse family.

Some of the SendPulse team

Constantine Rozenshtraus — Chief Executive Officer

I’d like to be the head of a big, international company in the near future. That’s why I’m putting all my energy, time, and knowhow into SendPulse so that it develops rapidly and grows steadily. With the advancements that our team has made recently, my goal might be achieved quite soon now. :) I thank our friendly and professional staff! 

Roy Weissman — Vice President of Sales

Roy Weissman is Vice President of Sales and comes to SendPulse from a career in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Management in the media, entertainment and digital media industries. An ecommerce innovator he doubled the margins of a 50 year old company by creating the first Ecommerce B2B website in its segment. Roy brings experience at organizations including Viacom, General Electric, Octopus, Playboy Enterprises, Next New Networks and one of the leading search engines of its time, Infoseek. A Professor at Northeastern University, Roy resides in New York City where there is always something new to discover.


Maxim Ustimenko — Chief Technology Officer

SendPulse is an interesting job with interesting tasks, good management, and a great team. SendPulse has gathering a fine bunch of good-hearted and responsive professionals who know how to achieve the goals set for them.

Ihor Shevkoplias, Senior Marketing Officer

The interesting and unusual challenges to surmount, make working at SendPulse enjoyable and never a dull moment.


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