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Be the first to start a conversation using message templates

You can send campaigns to any number of WhatsApp chatbot subscribers using a ready-made template. Once a user replies to you, you can send any non-templated messages

Promotions and sales

Campaigns and announcements

Limited offers and coupons

Notifications and reminders

Order updates

Crash reports

Scale your business communication with pro-level tools

SendPulse has everything you need to create, send, and analyze WhatsApp campaigns
Message templates Message templates

Message templates

WhatsApp allows you to send bulk campaigns using pre-made templates. Template verification only takes a few minutes — you will start sending messages in no time!

Your templates can even be promotional! If your template content is not related to a user’s order, account, or event for which they have signed up, it is considered promotional.

Create a message template →
Personalization Personalization


Add variables to your templates to personalize them. Address your recipient by name and add information about their order or event they signed up for — this will make your campaigns more targeted and expected.

Personalize your campaigns →
Segmentation Segmentation


Send your WhatsApp campaigns to those who actually want to receive them. Split your audience into segments by date subscribed, recent activity, country, or variable.

The more segments you create, the more relevant your campaign will be.

Segment your audience →
Interactive messages Interactive messages

Interactive messages

Increase your campaigns’ efficiency with multimedia elements and buttons. Include more text elements, images, videos, product descriptions, files, and buttons.

Add multimedia elements →
Built-in payment gateways

Built-in payment gateways

Place a payment button so that users can buy your product right from your campaign. Specify your product or service and its price and select a payment system.

Start accepting payments →
Automation Automation


Schedule your campaigns so that each subscriber receives the most relevant message at the best time.

Schedule a campaign →
Detailed reports

Detailed reports

Track your results to enhance your future campaigns’ performance. You can always monitor the number of messages sent and their cost, weigh up your interactions with customers, and study your recipient list.

Analytics can help you hone your WhatsApp strategy and deeply understand your audience.

Track your campaign performance →

Even more interaction and visualization possibilities

Plain and monotonous text is never captivating — your WhatsApp messages should include images, videos, files, and buttons and showcase your products
Text + image
Text + image Text + image

Text + image

Text + image
Text + image Text + image Text + image

Text + image + button

Text + image
Text + image Text + image Text + image

Text + image + payment link

Text + image
Text + image Text + image Text + image

File + text + optional button

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