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How to incorporate Instagram chatbots to your marketing campaigns using SendPulse

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Set up chatbot auto-replies on Instagram

People often ask questions like: Do you have this item in stock? How much does it cost? What are the delivery terms? Where is your shop located? If you know the most common questions people ask, you can set up a chatbot to give real-time responses to people’s questions. You can also build your bot conversation flow using quick reply buttons — they will encourage users to engage with your Instagram bot.
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Help your team work together and connect several live agents to Instagram chats

Manage multiple chats simultaneously — invite your teammates as new members to your SendPulse account so they can communicate with Instagram users one-on-one.
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React to users who mention your brand in their Stories

To build brand trust and loyalty from your audience, auto-reply to users that mention your product or brand. You can set up thank-you messages, start relevant bot flows, or offer incentives. Such a buzz surrounding your brand on Instagram can make sales boom — first, one satisfied customer mentions you in their Story. Then, you are on the radar of new audiences, getting more mentions on social media.
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Promote your chatbot on Instagram Direct with the help of ads

Promote your products and services using an Instagram bot. To engage users with the bot you can launch a targeted ad campaign with the goal “Instagram Direct.” Set up a welcome message in your Facebook ad account and specify the key phrase that will be the trigger for launching bot message flows. The user will choose the relevant message and go through the other messages in the flow. When chatting with your bot a customer may ask to consult a real person — in this case you can switch the chat to your manager.
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Accept payments

Turn your chatbot into effective sales channel for your business. Set up the integration with the payment systems and add payment buttons to your bot messages, so your customers could make in-chat orders.

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Simple tools for automating your Instagram workflows

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Subscription widgets

Collect subscribers for your chatbot right on your website. Build a multichannel subscription widget that will allow visitors to join your bot on the communication platform they prefer — Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp.

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Visual chatbot builder

Create your chatbot’s architecture and logic, developing a detailed scenario with messages you want to send. First, specify the keywords or events that will trigger auto-replies. Then, use different chatbot elements to set up rules and conditions for displaying and sending your chatbot messages.

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API requests to get data from external systems

Send requests to third-party systems to get information and display it directly in messages to your subscribers. For example, you can send weather forecasts if you know the subscriber's city or display search results in your chatbot if you know the name of the product your customer has been looking for.

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Filters for sending relevant messages

Send messages based on subscribers’ interests, personal information, and purchase history. With the help of filters, you can send webhooks to your system, turn off bot auto-replies the moment you need to, open a live chat with agents, assign and update tags or variables, and start other chatbot flows.
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User input for saving information from users

Receive information from your subscribers by adding the “User input” element to your chatbot flow. Later on, you can use this information to personalize your messages and segment your audience.

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Files, images, audio, video files, and emoji

Use different types of content in your messages to make your communication with subscribers more effective and show your product or service at its best.


Mobile app for working with chats on Instagram

Reply to your subscribers using our mobile app. With the app, you can easily support several chats at once and manage your chatbots on the go.

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Omnichannel communication

With SendPulse, you can build a complete сhatbot marketing strategy not only for Instagram — utilize chatbots on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram.


Log into your SendPulse account, go to the “Chatbots” tab, and add the Instagram page you want to set up a chatbot for.

Chatbots are useful for any business. If you get hundreds of similar questions and deal with dozens of orders through your DMs on Instagram, you can make your work a lot easier with the help of a chatbot. You do not have to hire a person to reply to direct messages on Instagram — you can easily automate this routine process.

First, you need to create a chatbot flow based on different actions your subscribers may perform, such as placing an order, returning or exchanging an item, or asking questions. Once you do, every time your users make a targeted action, a chatbot will interact with them and help them out with their queries. Moreover, Instagram chatbots can send information about your customers to your CRM according to the filters you apply.

With an Instagram chatbot, you don’t have to hire a live agent who processes your orders through direct messages — allowing your business to save time and money. The chatbot works 24/7 without a break and responds to every user immediately. It can help you clear up any issues your customers may have, minimizing or eliminating the barriers to purchases, and reducing customer churn.

Create a trigger for sending an automated flow — it could be keywords people usually type when sending questions to your chat or any event, like a subscription to your page. Then, create a scenario for your chatbot, setting up conditions for sending each message.

Go to “Account settings,” open “Users,” and click “Invite a new user.” Read a step by step instruction on how to distribute access to users in your SendPulse account.

With SendPulse’s chatbot builder, you can create bots for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Тelegram.

Learn more about subscriptions for Chatbot service on our Pricing page.

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