Global reach and Fast Delivery

Send individual SMS as well as bulk SMS announcements. Automated SMS mailing lists work at a speed of 200–500 SMS/second on over 800 networks in over 200 countries around the world.


Bulk SMS announcements can be scheduled for a particular time and date. You can also set up gradual sending of SMS over a specified period of time.


Add the recipient’s name and other personal information to each SMS. Show your company’s own name or telephone number as the sender.

Bulk sending of SMS over the internet

Subscription forms

You can create your own individual web forms for SMS subscriber lists designed to fit your own site.
Only in SendPulse can you  import telephone numbers, and add customers to your e-mail, SMS, and webpush notifications through a single form. Create detailed conditions to automatically send out different types of communication, so that you can maximize the amount of messages read and conversions.


Evaluate the results of your SMS marketing by analyzing stats for each SMS you send out. Don’t know if your company needs SMS marketing? See a list of example applications from our clients.


Just set up a whole series of notifications (emails, web push and sms) once, and our automated sending will ensure that they are sent out when someone subscribes, after a recipient has clicked on a link, or after any other trigger that you specify.

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