30% commission for agencies forever

Earn commission as your customers activate the pricing plan in the service. You’ll get two free months and a personalized pricing plan for your agency.


40% commission for certified partners

Become a SendPulse certified partner to get listed in the Partners Catalog. This will help you gain exposure to our customers and win new clients.


50% commission for premium partners

Start referring your clients to SendPulse. When 10 of your clients become paying customers, you'll become a premium partner. This means that you'll be prioritized when we transfer our leads to partners.


Log into your clients' accounts with just one click using the "Agency Area"

To get access to the “Agency Area,” submit an application, and our team will contact you.

teacher help

Help from a personal manager

A dedicated team member is assigned to your agency — they give you individual advice and help you master all the features of our service.

partners on site

Promote your project among our users

You can cooperate with our marketing and content teams for mutual PR, guest posting, and co-hosted webinars.

partners on site

Offer your services to SendPulse users

Add your business information to our partner catalog and promote your services to SendPulse’s clients.

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Become a SendPulse certified partner and get more leads

Get SendPulse clients' requests for your services

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Get SendPulse clients' requests for your services


Our program is a perfect fit for marketing agencies, freelancers, CRM integrators, web designers, and digital marketing professionals who provide their services through the SendPulse platform.

Absolutely. If you’re an independent professional working with several clients at once, you can include links to your website, portfolio, or social media business profile and get access to our partner program.

Yes. You have the option to register new clients (Agency-registered users) or add existing user accounts to your Agency area (Agency-invited users). Your commission amount will differ for payments made by registered and invited users.

You will earn a commission on pricing plan activations across all SendPulse services except for the web push service and email verifier.
Agency commission is earned when registered clients, as well as invited clients who made no more than one payment before your invitation, activate any pricing plan.
If your invited client has previously made more than one payment, you will only receive agency commission when they activate a pricing plan for services they have not previously purchased.

The clients you have registered through your Agency area automatically become your referrals. As long as the client is connected to your Agency area, you will earn a 30% agency commission. Once your access to the client’s account is revoked, you will earn affiliate commissions on their payments — 25% for pricing plan purchases and 10% for account balance replenishment.
Your entitlement to an agency commission is limited and will only continue as long as you have access to the client's account through your Agency area. There is no limit to how long you can earn commission through our affiliate program.
If you invited an existing SendPulse user to your Agency area, they will not be considered your referral. Your agency commission will be earned until the client revokes your access to their account.

No, you will be automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. You will receive an email with login details for your SendPulse affiliate panel.

Yes. In this case, this user will become your referral, and you will continue to earn an affiliate commission even after you lose access to your client’s account. The same rules that apply to Agency-invited clients will be used to calculate your agency commission. If your client made no more than one purchase before you invited them, you will earn commissions for their pricing plan purchases across all SendPulse services, excluding the web push service and email verifier.

You can use your commission to purchase SendPulse services or request a payout to your PayPal or bank account.

We offer our partners a free 2-month trial for you to explore all the necessary SendPulse features. This trial period can be extended if you have clients connected to your Agency area who are paying for our services.