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Automate conversations with your customers, from the first touch point to closing the sale

Start using WhatsApp chatbots for your business

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user engagement

Subscribers are more likely to open triggered messages from your bot than bulk campaigns.

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Convert leads
with ease

Convert leads into customers by sending valuable content in your automated flows.

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Get customer

Build a better product or service by getting reviews from your customers.

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Provide 24/7

Create live chats to provide support and speedy answers 24/7.

Features for creating and sending WhatsApp messages

Use tools that will help you set up and send high-quality WhatsApp campaigns

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Grow your WhatsApp audience

Attract more chatbot subscribers by leveraging a website subscription widget, an automatically generated bio link page, or a QR code linked to your welcome flow. You can also send email or SMS invitations to your existing audiences, encouraging them to subscribe to your WhatsApp chatbot.

A drag-and-drop chatbot builder

Create triggers, set up automated replies, and develop your chatbot structure. To build an effective sales pipeline, you need to plan your sequence of messages thoroughly. You can use our standard flows and diversify them to receive real-time notifications about new orders, view order details, and save data to variables.

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Write first on WhatsApp with templates

Use message templates to facilitate a conversation with users. SendPulse provides pre-designed message templates that are aligned with WhatsApp guidelines and suitable for any business. You can start sending messages immediately after connecting to the service.

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Chats with subscribers

Invite colleagues to your SendPulse account to distribute communication with users among your team members and support several chats at once from different devices.



Monitor the number of sent, delivered, and opened messages. This information will help you improve the results of your campaigns by changing the copy and schedule of your message send-outs to meet your audience's desires.
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SendPulse provides an open API by which you can integrate a WhatsApp channel into your CRM, analytics system or other projects.

Learn more API documentation

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Supercharge your chatbot with AI

With OpenAI's ChatGPT language model, your chatbot can interact with subscribers while you generate content for your flows.

OpenAI's speech recognition system, Whisper, allows your subscribers to send voice messages and receive instant replies. You will be able to see subscribers' voice messages and their transcriptions to send test replies, making your interactions easier.

Learn more
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Official WhatsApp Business API is a reliable solution for companies with a strong client base aimed at growing their business

Companies can use three versions of WhatsApp to interact with their customers: WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business App, and WhatsApp Business API. Consider all pros and cons before getting started.

WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business App

Interact with your customers from a browser on your PC or use a mobile application

  • Supports one user on a single device

    Both versions work on one device with one user. You can use WhatsApp Desktop on your computer or run WhatsApp App on Android or iOS devices.

  • No possibility for team collaboration

    You can't assign or divide responsibilities for replying to chat between different team members. The app can only be activated on one device at a time.

  • No bulk messages

    WhatsApp may block a sender of bulk messages. You can send the same message at once to up to 256 recipients or set up auto-replies to frequently asked questions.

  • No integrations

    It is impossible to integrate WhatsApp with your CRM system or other projects.

Integration with WhatsApp Business API via SendPulse

Interact with your customers through SendPulse chatbots or set up an integration with your system

  • Multiple device support

    SendPulse sends and receives messages to and from WhatsApp. All members of your team can get access to SendPulse to work with WhatsApp from different devices.

  • Work as a team

    Divide responsibilities for working with chats between different team members. Invite new users to your account to work with WhatsApp chats.

  • Bulk and triggered messages

    Use message templates to initiate a chat with users. There are no restrictions on sending the same message to multiple users simultaneously.

  • Various integrations

    Integrate WhatsApp with tools your company uses as your CRM system, chat services, and other software.

Connect WhatsApp with SendPulse to collect subscribers, create chatbots, and send messages

SendPulse — Official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Send WhatsApp messages with the SendPulse API

Use the WhatsApp Business API via SendPulse for seamless and effective messaging. Connecting through SendPulse will get you the following benefits:

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Onboarding support

To use the WhatsApp Business API, you have to verify your business account. Be sure that we consult and help you while connecting to WhatsApp.

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Official connection method

WhatsApp blocks users who connect using unauthorized methods. Connection via an official channel, like SendPulse, ensures you will be up and running without issue. You just need to get user consent to contact them and follow WhatsApp guidelines while creating your message content.

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No setup fees

You only pay for the number of messages sent.

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Omnichannel communication

Power up your communication strategy with WhatsApp messages. With SendPulse, you can also send messages to Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and Telegram and communicate with your customers through email, SMS campaigns, and web push notifications.

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Manage chatbots on your smartphone

Install the app and send quick replies to your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and Telegram chatbot subscribers, work with subscriber data, and analyze chatbot statistics.

Affordable pricing plans for WhatsApp messages

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  • User-initiated sessions

    Conversations are initiated in response to a user message. Your first message started a session is paid, and its price depends on your recipient's country. All the subsequent messages will not be charged until the end of the session.

  • Business-initiated sessions

    Business conversations you start require a message template. Their price is higher than user-initiated sessions and depends on your recipient country. 

  • Free tier sessions

    The first 1,000 monthly user-initiated sessions are free for your business.

Learn more about WhatsApp pricing.

Go to prices
Automate customer communication, sales, and marketing with the SendPulse ecosystem image chatbots new deal image chatbots deal

Automate customer communication, sales, and marketing with the SendPulse ecosystem

Create and modify deals right in your chats to track them in your CRM system, add chatbot messages to your automated flows, and add subscription widgets to your website. SendPulse's tools are already integrated with one another to make it easier for you to create a seamless user experience and sell.


You can create your WhatsApp Business API account with any of SendPulse paid plans for the 7-day free trial. Sign up for a SendPulse account if you do not have one, and choose a paid plan. Afterward, create your Business account on Facebook and WhatsApp, and register your number to WhatsApp Business API. Read more to find out how to sign up for the WhatsApp Business API for free in just a few minutes.

If you already used a phone number to sign up for the WhatsApp Business API, you can migrate your number and change providers (BSP) to create chatbots in our drag and drop builder. Follow the instructions to migrate the content successfully.

WhatsApp policy limits the number of recipients you can send messages to, imposing three tiers of messaging limits on businesses. The first tier enables you to send messages to 500 unique users in a rolling 24-hour period. Read more to find out how WhatsApp messaging limits work.

Use our drag and drop editor to create an automated flow for your WhatsApp chatbot. You can also develop your chatbot scenario and set up auto-replies and keywords. Read more to find out how to create an automated flow for your WhatsApp chatbot.

Select your chatbot and recipients, fill in the content of your message, and choose when to send your campaign. You can monitor how many messages were delivered and how many subscribers interacted with your chatbot. Here you can find step-by-step instructions on how to create a bulk messaging campaign in WhatsApp.

Template messages allow you to distribute the same content to all of your subscribers. However, you can only use these templates for transactional and trigger messages without advertising content. Go to the "Templates" tab in the "Chatbots" section, and click the Add Template button to create a new template. Remember that each template is moderated by WhatsApp. You can start sending campaigns using the template after its status changes from “Sent” to “Confirmed.”

official-icon SendPulse — Official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Connect WhatsApp chatbots and be there for your customers