Email, SMS, and Webpush Marketing

Service for marketing  and transactional messages

A Single Platform

Communicate with your customers through all possible channels: email, webpush notifications, and SMS subscriptions.

API Integration

Integrate mailings with services you already have, such as online shopping, CMS, CRM systems, and any other service by using our API.

24/7 Support

We’re available for you around the clock! You’ll always get timely support  with SendPulse.

Email service

Our service allows you to quickly set up emails, carry out A/B testing of your campaign, and schedule automated messages. 

Ready-made templates

Thanks to our intuitive drag and drop editor and ready-made templates, you don’t need any knowledge of HTML to create your emails in under 5 minutes.

Automated mailing

Just set up auto-sending for your e-mails, SMS, and webpush notifications once, saving you time.

Mobile app

Add subscribers, send out mailings, and track their stats right from your mobile device.

SMTP service

We offer a fast and reliable SMTP server for your e-mails, with highly reputable IP addresses, as well as analytics after you send out your mailings with detailed reports on how many recipients are opening your mails and clicking on your links.

Quick and simple integration

Integrate our SMTP server and send e-mails to your customers from any web service.

Dedicated IP address

Send your mailings from a dedicated IP address and its reputation will depend only on your own mailings.


Identify yourself and authenticate as the sender with the help of DKIM signatures and SPF signatures for your domain


An ideal solution to quickly inform your customers about news, sales, order status, or other important events. Easy to configure, high percentage of messages read, and a high click rate.

Free to use

The push notification service is completely free for all users

Easy to integrate

Just add one line of code to your site and send push notifications to your subscribers!


Divide your subscribers  into distinct segments by country, browser language, subscription page or date, browser, or platform.

SMS service

With our SMS mailing service, you can send SMS internationally, communicating with your customers on 900 mobile networks in more than 200 countries.

Automated sending

Just create a series of SMS notifications once, and they’ll then be sent out based on schedule and triggers.

Global reach

Automated sending of SMS works at a speed of 200–500 SMS messages per second around the world on over 800 networks in more than 200 countries.

Sender name

Personalize your messages and show your company’s own name or telephone number as the sender of the SMS.

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