Segmenting your subscribers

Segmentation consists of dividing your customer base up into different groups according to the criteria you set. You generally gather the information you need for segmenting from subscriptions, and already on the basis of these details you can distinguish different groups among your subscribers. 

Types of segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of gender (male/female)

Useful for:

  • personalizing e-mails (“Dear Mr.”, “Dear Ms.”)
  • wishing your customers well on certain holidays
  • offering goods or services that might interest the recipient (e.g. 50% off on cosmetics or tires)

Segmentation according to place of residence

Useful for:

  • adapting the contents of your e-mails to where the recipient lives (for example, to people living in warmer climates you can advertise flip-flops, while people in colder regions will receive special offers for winter boots)
  • making your e-mail distribution more effective because you can add specific geographic details to the subject line and the main body of your e-mails (for example, “Exclusive offer for today: 30% off footwear in Moscow”).

Segmentation according to users’ subscription details date

Useful for:

  • sending offers to mark one year since the customer subscribed
  • sending re-activation e-mails, if the customer signed up but never did anything

You can set up just one address book, fill it with e-mail addresses, and then distinguish different segments. The more information you gather about your subscribers, the more detailed your segmentation can be.


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