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Notifications that are hard to miss

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What are browser notifications?

Web/browser push notifications are messages from a website you receive in your browser. They notify users about sales, important updates or new content on the website. It's a new marketing channel gaining in popularity — browser notifications are hard to miss and easy to subscribe to.

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Great! A notification is shown on your screen!

Hi there!
It's a test web push

Web push notifications are supported in all popular browsers


Google Chrome

(Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android)



(Windows, Mac OS, Linux)



(Windows, Mac OS, Linux)


Microsoft Edge

(Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android)

Even on smartphones

Send instant browser notifications to your subscribers’ phones. Get in touch with your customers wherever they are.

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Flexible platform

custom subscription

Custom subscription requests

You can choose the look of the subscription request and the time when you want to send it.

  • Right after a visitor opens your website
  • After a visitor spends some time on your site
  • After a visitor clicks a link or a button
webpush automations

Web push automations

Set an automation flow for new subscribers or create automatic notifications based on RSS feeds.

Professional tools

professional tools1 professional tools2

Personalization and segmentation

You can use additional user data in notifications. You can also segment your subscribers by their location or other details.

Find out more

Get more clicks by using А/В testing!

Test different versions of a notification to see which one strikes a chord with your audience.

abtest chart

Testing groups

Test groups:

  • 2

  • 3


Size of the test group: 70% | Final web push: 30%

Web push benefits


High subscription rate

Visitors will see a subscription request as soon as they get interested in your site.


High CTR rate

Web push messages attract subscribers' attention on whatever site they are visiting


Offline notifications

Users will see your notification as soon as they come online.


Free service

If your database counts less than 10,000 subscribers, you can send web push notifications for free.


Trigger and bulk messages

Send browser notifications through your personal account or set up automatic messaging when certain conditions are met.


Developer API

Use our SendPulse API and send web push notifications, emails, and SMS through one platform.

How do I setup web push notifications?

Add just one line of code to your site and visitors will immediately get subscribtion requests from you.

arrow down setup code
arrow up allow notifications
developer api

Developer API

Use our REST API to integrate push notifications into your CMS, CRM or other system. You can automatically send personalized web push messages to your customers from the system you already use.

You will quickly integrate push notifications with easy-to-understand API and complete developer documentation.

See API documentation →


Because push notification is a perfect way to communicate with your audience in a non-intrusive manner. Push notifications will help you keep subscribers up-to-date by sharing news, posts, announcements, etc. after they’ve opted in. Read more about the benefits of push notifications here.

Push notifications help to return users who have once visited your website back to you. In a pop-up request form, website visitors allow your brand to send messages. You can start collecting subscribers by simple adding a js code on your website. Read instruction to learn how.

Sending push notifications is quite simple — provide a relevant message, add a button with a CTA, an eye-catching image — and you are ready to go. Find more details here.

The great news — it’s free for up to 10,000 subscribers! If you work with a larger audience, you can choose the paid plan, which also offers more features comparing to a Free plan. The price in the paid plan depends on the number of subscribers. You can find details about push notifications pricing plans here.

Send instant web push notifications to visitors of your site