Push notification is an instant message that is "pushed" by an app in response to a certain event or process that is taking place in the app ("you have a new friend request", "file finished downloading" etc.). Recently the world saw the rise of web (browser) push notifications. Web notifications serve the same role, but instead of an app, push notifications are sent by a website.

Sendpulse allows sending web push notifications free of charge if your database is less than 10,000 subscribers.

In this video, produced by Pulsate HQ, the lecturer explains what push notification is, the way it works, highlights its benefits for brand promotion.

What is a web push notification?

Web push notification is a powerful marketing tool. It's extremely popular among ecommerce businesses. They send web push notifications from websites to users who have allowed to receive them. Marketing agencies and push services provide businesses with professional instruments that help boost engagement and rocket sales. In SendPulse, you can either send push campaigns or combine them with email and SMS for better performance. 


Why use push notifications?

  • High click-through rate. Web push campaigns' CTR is high due to their visibility. Notifications grab users' attention whatever site they are viewing.
  • Offline notifications. Even if subscribers were offline when you sent your push campaign, they will see it as soon as come online.
  • Supported by all popular browsers. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even smartphones support receiving these instant messages.
  • Spam-free messages. Push notifications exclude sending spam since users don’t have to give any personal information. Right after subscription, a specific ID is created for each user which enables sending them push messages.
  • Increase engagement, loyalty, and sales. Use push notifications to inform your clients about their order status, notify subscribers about the fresh content on a blog, recent updates, and time-limited sales.
  • You can send web push notifications in SendPulse for free if your database is less than 10,000 subscribers.

How do push notifications work?

All you need is to add a script generated by a push service to your site. In SendPulse, you’ll get one line of code to be inserted.

generated code

When a user visits it for the first time, they will see a subscription request. If they allow — congrats, from here on they will receive your push campaigns. If they block, this request will never appear again. 

How to create push notifications?

Creating push notifications in SendPulse takes 5 steps and doesn't require any special skills. Just follow these steps.

  1. Register in SendPulse
  2. Add your site to send push campaigns
  3. Add the generated script to your site
  4. Keep track of new subscribers
  5. Send them a push campaign

To boost conversions, personalize and segment push notifications according to browser language, region, browser type, subscription page. Add a large image to your campaign to attract the attention of more users. Schedule push notifications sending to automate your workflow.

How to disable push notifications?

Irrelevant push notifications, accompanied by an alert may distract and annoy users, so they want to disable them. It can’t be done on the website which sends you messages. For this purpose, go to the Settings of your browser and manage exceptions. Find out how to disable push notifications in Google Chrome and in Mozilla Firefox in our step-by-step guides.

Web Push Notifications API

Want to send push notifications automatically to your clients from your current CRM or CMS system? Make use of our REST API! For more details go to our Web Push API documentation.

Push notifications best practices

To make push notifications increase loyalty, raise brand awareness, and rocket sales, check out some useful tips below.

  1. Personalize push notifications. This is not a brand new method of increasing performance but it still holds true. If the users see their name in your message, it has more chances to get clicked, since people are fed up with mass notifications.
  2. Segment push campaigns. Keep away from sending the same content to the whole mailing list. That won’t do! User engagement depends on whether you’ve managed to make relevant offers at the right time. Besides, make sure your notification language correlates with your client’s one.
  3. Include a large image and custom icon. This way your notifications will attract users’ attention at once. A custom icon will help you build brand awareness.
  4. Preview notifications before sending. Do this to make sure that your customers will receive what you want. This step helps eliminate typos, irrelevant links and find out how your message will look like. This option is available in SendPulse.
  5. Combine push, SMS, and email marketing. The combination of the above-mentioned marketing channels will allow to carry out individual approach to each customer and choose the most appropriate channel when necessary. For example, send an email campaign to inform about the upcoming sale, push notification — to remind on the “X” day, and SMS — to notify about the order status. In SendPulse, you can combine these marketing channels for better outreach.

Find out how to create relevant web push notifications on our blog.

Examples of push notifications

Personalize and segment notifications according to users’ behaviour on your website. They appreciate your care!

Web push notification

Check out another example of a segmented web push notification sent via SendPulse. We will help you build relationships with your clients.

Web push notification

This delicious web push notification won't give subscribers a chance to ignore it.

Web push notification

Hope, our tips will prove to be useful. Get inspired and leave the technical side of things on our service.


  1. The article "The Complete Guide to Website Push Notifications for E-commerce" on Neil Patel blog explains why this channel is worth trying, considers the way they work, and provides some tips.
  2. The article "7 Things to Know Before Starting With Website Push Notifications" on VWO blog suggests 7 steps to follow if you start web push marketing.

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