what is email automation

What is email automation?

Email automation is an email marketing approach that allows you to send automated or scheduled transactional and promotional emails according to the conditions that you set up. You can remind your customers about abandoned carts, bookings they made, upcoming events, and more without moving a finger — the only thing you need to do is complete the initial setup.

Why email automation is important?

nurtures leads

Lead Nurturing

From the moment a person is added to your contact list, they are ready to explore your product and discover its benefits. If a salesperson is not around, the right email takes care of introducing your product to your leads.

emails relevant

Relevant Emails

Automation 360 helps you take advantage the best moment to approach your leads. Did the customer try your product for the first time just a moment ago? It might be a good time to send them the perfect email.


Improved Strategy

Having all of your emails carefully planned is a much better approach than sending them chaotically.

reduces errors

Reduced Errors

Just get it right the first time. Never worry about making a mistake when sending your email to thousands of recipients again.

time money

Save Time

You don’t need to create an email campaign from scratch every time and send it manually. Just complete the initial set up, sit back, relax, and let Automation 360 do the work.

add chatbots

Add chatbot auto-replies to your automated flows

Leverage messenger chatbots to facilitate communication with your subscribers. Add chatbot auto-replies to automated flows, set a particular condition that will start an auto-reply or a message flow, and specify where chatbot replies will be delivered — Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

Trigger emails

Send Automatic Emails Triggered by Your Customers’ Actions


Abandoned cart email

Send your customer an email reminder about the products they added to their cart, but didn't purchase yet.

Purchase email

Send an automated “thank you” email after a purchase. Ask for feedback or offer a discount for future purchases.

Registration email

Welcome new customers after they register on your website. Tell them about the advantages of your company.

Custom event

Create your own event and configure the automated flow of emails when it is triggered.

Confirmation email

Send customers confirmation emails with detailed information about their orders or bookings.

Feedback email

Ask customers about their satisfaction and experience with your product.

Re-engagement email

Feel like your customer is losing interest in your service? It might be time to ask them for a second chance.

How automation works


Add an Event

Add the event you want to track with SendPulse. We will generate a URL, an example of the expected data and wait for the incoming events.


Create an Automation

Create an automation that starts with your new event. You can add Email, SMS and Web Push messages containing variables from your event.


Event is Triggered

When your website visitor performs an action, for example adding goods to their shopping cart, the event will be triggered.


Email Automation Flow Starts

After the event is triggered, your automation starts and your customer receives the first email: "You left something in your shopping cart."


Goal is Reached

Automation 360 will keep track of conversions like "Purchase" or any other event.

Automation 360 advantages

multi channel

Multiple channels

Automate your emails, SMSs, and Web Push notifications

counting conversions

Conversion count

Keep track of user conversions

filter data

Data Filter

Send different messages based on variables, conditions, and events.

path subscriber chain

Recipient's place in the flow

See all emails received by a specific user.


Visual statistics

Get a detailed visualization of all the statistical data from the automation flow.


API and webhooks

Send data using our API for better security and with incoming webhooks.


It is a bulk email service that provides functionality for sending automated emails. Once you register your SendPulse account, you’ll be able to send all sorts of emails triggered by user actions — welcome, transactional, confirmation, and abandoned cart emails for free.

Using SendPulse, you can send up to 15,000 automated emails to 500 recipients monthly at no charge. Choose the paid plan to send more emails to a larger mailing list. Check our pricing page to make the right choice for your business.

Use welcome emails for onboarding, and anniversary emails to celebrate your relationships with loyal subscribers. Sending abandoned cart emails will make some customers return to their purchase, while reactivation emails will re-engage some idle subscribers and help you clean your mailing list. You can set up and send all of these emails with SendPulse for free.

Firstly, bulk email services, like SendPulse, provide brands with technology to run automated email marketing. Secondly, email marketing automation is easy-to-use and affordable with SendPulse — it’s free for up to 15,000 emails to 500 recipients monthly. This means that small businesses can afford to use email marketing automation to grow faster. The last reason why marketing automation is a must today is that users have come to expect personalized communication with their favorite brands.

Engage with New Subscribers, Get Additional Sales, and Improve the Customer Lifecycle. All Available on our Free Plan