Trigger emails

Send messages triggered by your customers’ actions

Abandoned cart

Send your customer a reminder about the product they added to their cart but for some reasons have not finished the checkout process.


Send a “thank you” email after the purchase. Ask for feedback or offer a discount on future purchases.


Welcome the customer after registering them on your website. Tell them about the advantages of your company.

Custom event

Create your own event and configure the flow of messages after it was triggered.

How it works

Add an event

Add the event you want to track in SendPulse. We will generate a URL, an example of the expected data, and wait for the incoming events.


Create an autoresponder

Create an autoresponder that starts with your new event. You can add Email, SMS, and Web Push messages which will contain variables from the event.


Event is triggered

A visitor to your site performs an action, for example, adds goods to the shopping cart, and the event-order data is sent from your site to SendPulse.


Automation flow starts

After the event is triggered, autoresponder starts and your customer receives the first email: "You left something in your shopping cart."


Goal is achieved

Automation 360 will keep track of conversions like "Purchase" or any other events.

Automation 360 advantages
  • Sending events from popular CMS to SendPulse
  • API for Automation 360
  • Sending WebHooks from the flow
  • Subscriber activity details
  • Sending events from popular CMS and CRM systems
  • JS-script for tracking and sending events from the site