Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are triggered emails, which serve to inform new subscribers about their subscription. Filling in the subscription form on your website, landing page, or Facebook page acts as a trigger. After that, the welcome email is automatically generated and sent to the new subscriber’s email. Most companies use welcome emails to create a positive impression of their brand. 

Such emails may contain the following information:

  • A guide to using the features of your product/service
  • An offer of special bonuses for new subscribers to encourage the first purchase
  • Set expectations from your company’s email campaign
  • A possibility to set preferences of the email frequency and types of content subscribers want to receive
  • An invitation to join your company’s social media pages
  • A call to action which leads directly to your e-commerce/blog
  • Some information for the new subscribers, within your company’s sphere of activity, which they can find useful

Below is a very good example of a welcome email by AT&T:

All marketing experts highly recommend not only to send welcome emails, but also to make the best use of them and create a perfect first experience of your brand. Welcome emails are an important part of the strategy for increasing customer loyalty in email marketing campaigns. 


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