The subject line is the part of the email that the subscriber sees when landing in their inbox. From the subject line, subscribers judge the email and decide whether to open it or not. Your task is to make it stand out from the crowd. Not even a task but a challenge!

Tips on effective subject line

Personalize your subject line

Marketers have found that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Why? Person's name is the sweetest sound of all the people. Fortunately, email marketing is constantly developing and a user's name is not the only variable for personalization, it depends on your creativity. If you want to personalize your email campaign, but don't have all the necessary data, SendPulse offers a great solution - smart personalization.

Personalized subject line

Keep it short

More than 40% of newsletter subscribers open on their mobile device first. That’s why it’s better to make the subject line short, so it isn't cut off automatically. Besides, not all the users tend to read them up to the end, moreover, if it does not grab attention. Make the first words the most powerful and informative.

Short subject line

Make the balance between subject line and preheader

Don’t forget about the preheader text that is displayed near the subject line. It’s like a preview of your email content explained in several words. Don't make it the same as the subject line.

Accompany your subject line with a preheader

When you fill in the sender’s field, follow these rules:

  1. If you address your email from yourself, then enter your name and last name. 
  2. If you address your email from a company, then enter the name of the company.Sender's field

Make it intriguing

People are curious that is why secrets and mysteries will arouse interest.

Intriguing subject line


Question in the subject line will make a recipient feel a real communication with you. They will answer it or find the answer in your email.

Question in a subject line

Use numbers

We like numbers because they provide us with some concrete but not abstract information. Numbers give a better idea about some issues.

 Numbers in a subject line

Create a sense of urgency

Urgency is a great trick played by all the marketers during sales, discounts, Black Friday. Due to the sense of urgency, so many people make purchases on impulse. 

 Sense of urgency in a subject line

Carry out A/B testing

If you doubt between several interesting subject lines or not sure whether it is appropriate to use some elements in a subject line or not (like GIF, emoji, fonts), create an A/B test. It will help you to discover the best practices for specific segments of your mailing list. Read here how to create and send an A/B test in SendPulse.

Use emoji

Do you remember the last time you smiled after reading a subject line? Emoji will not only make your subscribers smile but make your email more pleasant and friendly. Emoji appeal to emotions and this is a great benefit. They are not a real black in email marketing right now but some marketers risk and get conversions! Read our article to discover the reasons why you should use emoji. You can add emoji to your emails in our service.

Emoji in a subject lineEmoji in a subject line

There are more methods to create an original subject line. Use humour, special values - like a free downloading of an ebook, some stylistic devices - rhyme, alliteration, metaphors. Be creative in your choice and test!

To learn more about personalization in subject lines, read this article.

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