Mobile Marketing is a complex of promotional instruments that are realized with the help of mobile devices and technologies.

Why is mobile marketing so important?

You, as a marketer, can't ignore this communication channel, as it is stated that 40% of buyers make purchases using a mobile phone. For this purpose, they use mobile versions of the websites, applications or communicate with the managers using messengers. Mobile marketing implies not only sending SMS and notifications to mobile devices but creating mobile-friendly websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your customers will find your competitor's site, which IS mobile-friendly. You've certainly heard about Google Mobilegeddon update in 2015. To cut a long story short, if your website or at least its pages are not mobile-friendly, you will never appear at the top-10 in the Search Engine Results Page. Google appreciates great user experience. A great advantage of mobile marketing lies in the fact that it allows to promote goods and products to a wide audience without high investments.

Benefits of mobile marketing:

  • Instant interaction and results. People hardly leave their houses without mobile devices. When getting an SMS, they tend to read it immediately, so it's easier to reach clients with SMS than with an email.
  • Easy to implement. One shouldn't be a programmer or have special skills to do mobile marketing, it's much easier to start than other types like email marketing, PPC, etc.
  • Reach a wide target audience. More people use mobile phones all over the world than laptops and desktops. Besides, mobile marketing allows to reach users from the most remote locations.
  • Cheap. Mobile marketing requires fewer expenses than email marketing and PPC. Everything depends on the number of SMS you send. The more you send — the less you pay. The price also depends on the country you send from.

Check out the prices for your country

If you create an SMS properly with the relevant and useful information and send it to the interested audience, you'll be able to achieve certain goals.

What is a mobile marketing strategy?

A strategy of mobile marketing does not differ much from one of the other marketing types. Strategy means creating a plan for your business growth using different means and methods, analyzing and improving.

First of all, you should realize if you really need mobile marketing and why, then state the goals you want to achieve, understand your target audience, determine your KPIs and choose the most relevant channels and methods for your business and audience. To create a good strategy, you need to carry out deep analysis of this type of marketing, of your audience — its needs and preferences, and plan all the steps in advance.

A good mobile marketing strategy will help you reach a wider audience on mobile phones, smartphones and tablets through email, SMS, apps, etc. Mobile marketing has no restrictions now.

Mobile marketing goals:

  • brand awareness
  • building customer loyalty
  • sales increase
  • news leads generation
  • driving traffic to a website
  • customers' feedback
  • customers' retention

To choose a correct instrument for mobile marketing, you should determine the following:

  1. The target audience of your company.
  2. The percent of your target audience who actively use mobile communication, mobile applications and QR-codes.
  3. Your budget for mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing instruments:

1. SMS

SMS is perceived by people as a more private channel of communication in comparison with an email. Hence, they don't expect somebody to send them bulk SMS. Mind this before creating SMS campaigns. They should be personalized and take into account individual approach.

Make sure that you are permitted to SMS your clients, they should leave their mobile number. To send highly personalized SMS, you should find the ways to get the necessary information.

Ways to ask for personal information:

  • Include special fields into your subscription form. Create the fields where you can ask for a client's mobile number and permission to send SMS campaigns. To get more, ask for desirable offers to receive. If you sell cosmetics, create the fields where a client is to choose special offers and discounts on which products they want to receive. For example, hair care products, skin care products, body care products. Give several variants in the form, do not make customers create the whole answer, they will hardly spend time on this.
  • Give loyalty card after the first purchase. Loyalty card is not only a pleasant surprise for a client but a chance for you to ask for some information in exchange for it.
  • Create questionnaires. Ask the clients directly to answer several questions for you to offer them only relevant products.

2. Advertising in mobile applications

All the mobile applications allow to place an ad in a form of an image or video.

The number of users, you want to display your ad to, you choose by yourself paying per view.

This type of mobile advertising fits perfectly businesses the target audience of which is youth as they mostly use mobile apps.

For mobile ad in an app to yield you income, follow these recommendations:

  • Сhoose the apps correctly. The audience interested in the app you've chosen should coincide with YOUR target audience. It's irrelevant to advertise cosmetics in the app "Street racing".
  • Ask for download statistics. Ask the app's developer for a download stats. It will give you the insights on the audience who use it.

Take into account the number of downloads and decide upon the number of people you want to advertise to.

There are certain types of add in the mobile apps:

  • Horizontal display banner. It occupies the part of a screen and does not prevent people from using the app.
  • Static illustration. It occupies the whole screen. To hide the add and continue using an app, one should close the app.
  • Animation. This is a video lasting 3-5 seconds.
  • Enlarging banner. When one clicks on it, it occupies the whole screen.

3. QR-codes

This is a code that can be scanned with a mobile app. It should bring value to a user because nobody will download QR-code scanning app to see the ad. It should give an online discount coupon or something like this.

Mobile marketing also includes adapting the websites for mobile devices.

To avoid poor user experience, create a mobile-friendly website! If your website is not like this, the half of the users will go to your competitors' sites.


What does mobile-friendliness mean?

  • content size fits the screen so that users do not have to use horizontal scroll bars and zoom the text
  • no required software like Flash
  • good content loading speed
  • no mobile errors
  • links and call to action buttons can be easily clicked

If you are not sure, whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, use Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

Five Steps to Mobile-Friendliness

1. Choose responsive design

Responsive design speaks for itself. It adjusts the page to different devices it can be viewed on: desktops, laptops, mobile devices. Users won’t have to scroll left and right to view the page. Flexible layouts and images are used.

2. Use viewport metatag


This metatag makes your website work perfectly on mobile devices. It is the signal for a browser that the page is to fit the screen resolution. Use it once at the head.

3. Make the font and button size big 

It is recommended to make the font size 14px and one of the button — 44px by 44px. These sizes are perfect to be viewed and clicked by the users. There won’t be a need to zoom.

4. Use videos from YouTube

To save time when making sure that the video on your website does not cause any troubles — use YouTube videos. The code of every video from YouTube is already responsive, so there won’t be any difficulties.

5. Make use of high-resolution images

Using images with high resolution, you can be sure that the image won’t be blurry. It is extremely important since the screens of the last models of iOS have a very high resolution. Thus, you’ll avoid poor user experience.

All email templates created in SendPulse and already existing ones are responsive, so you don’t have to take steps to create the great user experience.

Apply mobile marketing in your business to achieve better results and higher conversions!

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