Email opt-out – is a marketing technology which deals with the advertising mailing. This method allows users to refuse to get further emails after they have received the first one.  

The core of email opt-out

According to this communication system, the emails will be sent up to the moment, the addressee refuses to get them. After a person has registered at your website, made a purchase, he may see the information somewhere down the page in the small print that he agrees to receive emails from you. All that is needed is just to click if a user is not willing to receive anything.

Unfortunately, there is another side of the coin. Sometimes, a user may forget that he has signed up for your emails, and this person can understand that you have just tricked them, so they become angry. That is why you should keep it in mind and be ready for your user to hit the spam flag. After that your reputation can spoil, as the increasing number of spams are extremely harmful for your business.

So, an opt-out is the same process when your user unsubscribes. Automatically he removes himself from your contact list and is not willing to receive emails from you.

Email opt-out

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