A bulk email permit is your subscribers’ permission to receive your emails.

Why do you need bulk email permit?

  • Legally creating your target audience allows for better conversions;
  • Guarantee that your emails will be delivered by email services.

Your emails risk going into recipients' spam folders if you don’t have a permit. A user's permission shows their interest in your work. Only interested and involved users will increase your conversions, and ultimately, your ROI

Methods for Growing Your Mailing List

  • Provide interesting, useful and consistent content;
  • Make special offer announcements;
  • Create a loyalty system;
  • Use discounts and sales;
  • Give a registration gift.

Let’s consider what an email permit is and what it is not.

An Email Permit is NOT

  • A purchased mailing list. Buying a mailing list will never be to your advantage because people didn’t give you their permission to receive emails from you and they won’t be interested in your work.
  • Email addresses taken from the Internet. If a person left their email address somewhere online, it doesn’t mean that you can send them emails.

An Email Permit IS

  • An online subscription. Users that registered on your website and filled out a subscription form want to receive your emails;
  • An offline subscription. Users that filled out an offline-form and stated their desire to receive your emails;

There is a useful tool for getting email marketing permission – double opt-in. Double opt-in is a kind of email subscription, when a user shows their desire to join your mailing list on a subscription form from your web-site, and then they receive a confirmation email, where they are asked to confirm their subscription.

This is an excellent subscription method since a subscriber is reminded of their choice to subscribe to your emails. Subscribers who complete a double-opt in subscription are extremely valuable, because they are unlikely to send your emails to their spam folder.

Besides, be sure, that all of your emails include a highly visible opt-out section. Opting-out is an easy way to unsubscribe users, and prevents emails from being marked as spam. The example above is really effective because it includes double opt-in and visible opt-out, it gives user's a chance to choose, but not mark the email as spam.

So, make use of double opt-in, opt-out and make your mailing list full of loyal clients!

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