A promotional email is a commercial broadcast which usually offers incentives to drive sales and revenue for a business. The main aim of this form of email marketing is to convince customers to make a purchase. After the registration in SendPulse, you can send promotional emails for free.

promotional email

Promotional emails should contain concise calls to action that prompt customers to buy a product. These emails can also be used to convince customers to download, subscribe or register for a service. When this type of marketing is executed effectively, it can help a business not only increase revenue but also boost its customer retention and engagement. Therefore, the content and design of the promotional email should focus on persuading the recipient to take action within a specified time.

How to write successful promotional emails

With an expected 5.6 billion email users by 2019, email marketing has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach customers. However, sending out emails for a product or service does not guarantee that you will make a sale; you can’t even be sure that they will reach your subscribers' inbox. You can use SendPulse to quickly create professional promotional emails without the need to know HTML.

Personalize the email subject

People are more likely to open emails with personalized subjects. Rather than sending out mass duplicated emails, marketers should include customers’ personal data such as their name and last order details. Aside from the subject, the content should also fit the profile and preferences of the target audience. Plus, the promotional email should stick to the subject line.

Keep it concise but powerful

Once the recipient clicks on the email, there is a tiny window of time to get their attention. Rather than using ‘technical’ words that will likely tire the reader, one should use easy-to-understand language. Also, long paragraphs can be overwhelming. Short, relevant and strong ones work best. At the same time, the email should be catchy and engaging.

Focus on a singular message

Having more than one message in your promotional email makes it less effective. Cluttered emails are harder to read, and the subscribers are likely to miss the main goal of it. Instead, a marketer’s goal should be to ensure that the content and call to actions emphasize the primary objective of the promotional campaign. Use words or phrases that prompt action. Effective calls to action can increase click-throughs and lead to sales.

Make the email mobile-friendly

A large percentage of the target audience will view the promotional email on their mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary to make the email mobile-friendly and easy to go through. Including subheadings, images, and lists will enable the subscribers to quickly grasp the main message of your email and navigate to sections easily. All the email templates created in SendPulse are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Thoroughly proofread it

Proofreading, even though obvious, is mostly ignored. However, typos and poorly written content can hurt your brand by diminishing your credibility. It is essential to go through the emails to remove any mistakes that may be present.

What to put in your promotional emails

Marketers must be careful when writing promotional emails to avoid them ending up in spam. For those who need help with writing these emails, SendPulse has a great email editor where users can drag and drop to create and edit templates. Users can also choose from more than 130 templates of marketing emails. You don't need to know HTML.

  1. A sender name. To avoid recipients moving your promotional email to their spam folders, you must make it clear where it is coming from. For this purpose, use your business name alone or plus your name.
  2. An attractive subject line. The subject line affects the open rate of one’s promotional email. It should, therefore, be captivating and about 6-10 words in length. A/B test different variants of your subject line to discover the best one.
  3. Main message. Highlight the promotion or offer you are selling to the subscribers. It can be text accompanied by images. This section can be subdivided to make it more optimized.
  4. Calls to action. Sell the message using action-oriented words. However, marketers should be wary of using words that make the message too pushy.

How to send promotional emails

Email marketing is very competitive, and making your promotional email stand out can be a challenge. That is why every business owner or marketer should know how to send email messages that promote their brand:

  1. Use your own address
  2. Segment your mailing list
  3. Automate Your Emails

The most effective time to send promotional emails

Knowing the best time and day to send promotional emails can boost a brand’s marketing campaign. Tuesdays followed by Thursdays are the best days for sending your marketing emails. For the most click-throughs and conversion, send your emails in the morning — preferably at around 10 a.m. Research shows that afternoons are also great because many people are less active at work and are looking for distractions. Use a beautiful email template for your promotional campaign to draw the attention of your audience during these hours of the day.

How many times to send promotional emails

Too many promotional messages become a bother and lead to users unsubscribing from a service. The number of emails one should send depends on the competition in the industry and type of product or service being promoted. A/B testing can help a marketer decide on the appropriate number of marketing emails to send. Most marketers, however, agree that 1 to 6 messages a month is ideal.

Sending promotional emails to primary inbox in Gmail

To get your message on the subscriber’s primary inbox in Gmail, it shouldn’t look explicitly selling. One can avoid words that directly prompt the reader to buy. The best way is to use subtle marketing words. Other things that can help include:

  • Greeting the recipient by name
  • Placing no more than a single link in the message
  • Avoiding pictures and heavy HTML
  • Authenticating the domain

Find out how to avoid Promotions Tab in Gmail.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging promotional emails as part of a business marketing strategy can help bring exposure to your brand, build customer engagement and confidence, as well as boost revenue. For a more effective campaign, use SendPulse to create promotional emails that give you more than 60% open rate and to monitor your subscribers’ responses to the emails you send.

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