Automated email is one of the forms of email marketing, as opposed to newsletters, performed as an email which is sent automatically to a list of people in case they meet a particular trigger. This form of email marketing helps to save time.

Automated email example

Purposes of automated emails

Notification email of the first order

The best way to work out automatically sent emails is to generate an auto-notification for customers who have just made the first purchase in your store. This is the beginning of your relationship — a greeting email which makes the buyer feel a sense of familiarity with you. This feeling is necessary for healthy communication between people. This email makes a customer understand that you take care.

Besides, you can use this email for other purposes:

  1. Offer a link to important pages on your site (refund, phone numbers, other frequent questions). 
  2. Immediately request a review of the product and the store, which the buyer can leave after receiving the order — i.e. give a link to the place for such reviews. It will make your customers believe you — if you have expressed your willingness beforehand to accept any opinions about your company, then you are firmly confident in your service and your product.
  3. Offer useful content related to the purchased product, its usage.

It is appropriate to send these automated emails from a real person — with the indication of the accounts in social networks. This trick will impress the recipients, it will make them think that there is such a person, who really works in this online store.

Further automated emails

Now you can establish the relationships with the clients with the help of automated emails. Such emails should not be oriented exceptionally on goods but on the establishing relationship.

That is why automated emails may contain the following information :

  1. A questionnaire that is interesting not so much for marketers as the customers themselves. For example: "What other product of our profile would you like to see in our online store?"
  2. References to "second" goods — these are those that are usually bought by people who have recently bought the "first" goods (think in advance about what may soon be needed by customers buying those or other of your positions — and develop a number of subsequent automated emails according to this principle).
  3. List of the top 10 most popular products (of course, with links to your subpages, where a customer can buy them).
  4. Useful content on profile topics of your products.

Segmented automated emails for old customers

For example, if you have an automatically updated list of inactive subscribers, you can set up automated emails, specially designed to return customers — with an exclusive discount or other tempting offers. And instead, you can automatically send an email with a large discount to the most active of your customers: as if to reward them for their activity.

Remember, that you’d better not send the automated emails every day, as they are worse than spams

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