A marketing lead is a person who shows interest in a brand's products or services, which makes the person a potential customer. The primary goal of any company is to generate as many leads as possible. A company must guide prospects down the sales funnel with relevant content and offers towards their purchase.

Types of Leads

  1. Information qualified lead (IQL)
  2. Marketing qualified lead (MQL)
  3. Sales qualified lead (SQL)

The type of leads depends on their placement in the marketing funnel. There are three main types of marketing lead:

  1. Information qualified lead (IQL). These leads are at the beginning of the buyer's journey. At this stage, a company should offer helpful information about a topic relevant to the person’s query in exchange for personal data like their name, email address, location, etc. This type of marketing lead is also called a cold lead.
  2. Marketing qualified lead (MQL). These leads are in the middle of the sales funnel. They have expressed continuing interest in a company. After the prospects identify the problem, they typically look for the way a company can handle it. This type of lead is also called a warm lead.
  3. Sales qualified lead (SQL). This lead is at the bottom of the funnel; they express their willingness to make a purchase. It is also called a hot lead.

How to Generate Leads

  1. Choose promotional tools
  2. Target your promotional efforts
  3. Create valuable content
  4. Use subscription forms
  5. Create lead magnets
  6. Generate leads from your blog

Choose promotional tools

Decide how to promote your company according to your budget. You can do this through posts on social media, or create PPC (pay per click) advertisements on Google and other search engines. The main idea of promotion at this stage is to let people understand that a company can solve their problems.

Target your promotional efforts

Think about people who could be interested in your services and what needs they have. Share your solutions with the target audience with the help of promotional channels that fit your business plan and budget.

Create valuable content

Provide your potential customers with the most useful information, give them tips on how to overcome their problems. Sharing relevant and resonating content with your prospects is the best practice for a business to be noticed and appreciated. Display advertisements will lead people to your website or blog. Videos on YouTube are another way to generate leads. You can show how to deal with clients’ needs by using your company’s product or service.

Use subscription forms

Create subscription forms and place them on your website or blog to turn prospects into leads. Generate leads with the SendPulse free subscription forms constructor. Decide which data is crucial to choose the right approach to clients and to share the most relevant content. Doing this correctly will likely convert leads into customers.

Subscription form

With our form builder, you can communicate with clients not only by email but by using Facebook Messenger and Telegram. To create a multichannel form, you only need to drag the necessary messenger icon to your form and add a link. Check out such a form below.

Multichannel subscription form

Create lead magnets

Marketers often use lead magnets to motivate their prospects to subscribe. It is an irresistible offer that gives your prospects access to some exclusive information in a cheat-sheet, toolkit, video guide, etc., in exchange for their contact information.

Generate leads from your blog

Write interesting articles for beginners, with links to your products. Optimize and promote them, add cases about your company helping to solve other’s problems.

How to Convert Marketing Leads into Customers

  1. Use behavioral data
  2. Nurture your leads
  3. Convert leads into customers smoothly

First of all, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Imagine an ideal buyer’s journey. On this basis, come up with a funnel, where it is easy for leads to move down to the point of buying.

Convert leads with an advanced marketing service to strike the right chord with your audience.

Let's convert leads to customers!

We offer a flexible subscription form builder, functional drag and drop editor that requires no HTML knowledge, in-depth segmentation, and many other features to bring your strategies to life.

Register and convert leads with email campaigns

  1. Use behavioral data. Create different buyer personas based on your target audience's behavior. This information provides you with insights on how to move specific groups of leads from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom.
  2. Nurture your leads. Email marketing gives you a chance to send valuable information to an enormous number of people at once. Provide your prospects with useful and relevant information, display different ways to cope with their needs, show expertise in your field. Develop your lead nurturing strategy and send drip campaigns with Automation 360 to educate prospects effectively.
  3. Convert leads into customers smoothly. Give them an offer according to their position in the funnel. Use all the chances you have to close the deal. For instance, during holidays people are likely to spend more money than usual. It’s high time to come up with a special offer to complete their buyer journey.


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