Lead generation is building of consumers database who are interested in your product/service, or those, who are suitable for the right segment of target audience through various marketing practices.

The principles of lead generation online and offline do not differ completely, they are based on the attracting of prospective customers, collecting information, used for interaction( contact details) and identifying whether the customer is interested or not. There are several methods of lead generation:

Personal communication:

  • Telemarketing
  • Organization of meetings
  • Conferences, presentations, exhibitions
  • Activities in terms of marketing researches


  • Web site
  • Landing
  • Search, targeted, display advertising
  • Webinars
  • Social platforms, forums, blogs

Methods of direct marketing:

  • Email
  • SMS marketing

Below is the process of generation and conversion of clients

  • Attract. Visitors are allocated form the purchased traffic;
  • Convert. Uninterested consumers are eliminated, remain the most targeted ones;
  • Close. Make a purchase and become  customers;
  • Delight. Work on converting customers into the brand fans.

Lead generation is the most important goal of promoting a commercial site. If a high target attendance of optimized landing pages is ensured as a result of promotion, the number of leads will constantly grow and make profit.

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