Call to Action

Call to action, or CTA, is an element that is included in any advertising material and used to inspire users to act, such as making a purchase, downloading material, or participating in interactions, among others. 

In email marketing, a CTA is an essential part of acquiring new subscribers and converting them into clients.

Here are two examples of a call to action:

  We recommend following these rules to create call to actions that subscribers want to click:

  • Put a CTA in every letter
  • Make it clear to understand what subscribers should do
  • Make the button large
  • When placing the button in an email, make sure that it is in contrast with the background
  • Make it short. It's better to use a verb to prompt subscribers to act
  • Canopy Labs' research says that it's better to locate the call to action button at the bottom of an email, rather than on the left or right.

The main rule of CTAs is to experiment. Don't forget to test the CTA's location in the email, its color, and the text used for it. Conduct an A/B test and compare the results to choose the variant that suits your subscribers best. To find out how to conduct an A/B test, read this article.  

For more information about calls to action, read our blog.


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