Landing page is a target page which is shown to users after they follow a link.

In this video, a web strategist from the Deep End shares tips and tactics on how to build landing pages that convert. Get inspired!

Landing pages are widely used in marketing because of their principal difference from the traditional website: the main purpose of the landing page is carrying out concrete target action by a user, whereas the traditional websites are multipurposed. Such limitation allows a landing page to be extremely effective. Landing page is to tell the users in a bright, eye-catching and persistent way about the product and make them buy it.

Landing page

A successful landing page contains

  • Only one, well-planned purpose, for example, making a purchase, completing a form, downloading;
  • Call to action, for example to buy something or to complete a form;
  • Simple design;
  • Short and coherent texts, aimed to get benefit;
  • Absence of the distractive elements.

Landing page benefits

  • Grabs users' attention;
  • Brings higher conversion coefficient from the advertising campaigns;
  • Stimulates the users to carry out a certain action.

Landing page should have an easy access for the users. It must load up fast and look well on the mobile devices. 

Landing pages have phrase and advertising correspondence, i.e. when the headline of your add matches the headline of the landing page.  This factor serves as a confirmation for the users that they are on a necessary page for them.

Below is an example of a successful phrase correspondence to the advertising and landing page.

Phrase correspondence to the advertising and landing page

This is the landing page, the user goes to after clicking on the advertising.


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