All The Right Moves: Mobile Landing Page Examples to Learn From

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All The Right Moves: Mobile Landing Page Examples to Learn From

When it comes to designing a mobile landing page, there are a lot of choices to make. Screen space is limited, and so is the user’s attention span. Unoptimized, cluttered, slow pages stand no chance — visitors will just leave in search of a better alternative.

There’s one thing we know for sure: you don’t want your users to have to perform mental gymnastics when they try to navigate through your mobile website. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips and some of the best mobile landing page examples — to help you simplify and revamp your pages with ease.

Why having a mobile landing page is crucial

Mobile comes first. 53% of purchases online happen via mobile, and mobile users also account for 63% of eCommerce traffic. The numbers are even higher for the fashion industry — up to 90% of website visitors use smartphones and tablets to look for new outfits.

The pandemic aside, people now travel and commute more than ever in history. But, they also prefer to stay connected at all times, at least with their inner circle. And new smartphones provide them with an engaging visual and interactive experience on the go. There you have it, the three components responsible for the rise of mobile.

Make sure you are familiar with our basic recommendations for landing page design!

We recommend making mobile-friendly design your first priority. Even if you offer a complex product, your audience’s first impression may start with them visiting your mobile landing page — so, it ought to look good and convert even better.

How to create a converting mobile landing page

Here is a good rule of thumb. Imagine someone scrolling your mobile landing page in the most distracting conditions possible: while stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in line, or being crammed into a subway car. Would they be able to grasp the essence of your offer in an instant? If yes, you’ve done a good job.

A mobile landing page can be considered effective if it meets most of these criteria:

  • It’s easy to scan it in a few seconds. You can achieve this by using short and contrasting headings and creating dominant and secondary focal points across the page.
  • It has one call to action. When creating a mobile landing page, you always need to place your CTA above the fold to let your users convert or contact you without scrolling any further.
  • It loads fast. If you don’t know how to check and improve your page’s speed, dive into our article on website optimization tools.
  • It has a single-column layout. Help your users focus on your content by simplifying your page structure — horizontal scrolling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
  • It has just enough animation. Visual effects help you tell a story and enhance your message. Be careful: if you overdo them, your mobile landing will get heavier.
  • It has a clear and unique selling point. Only memorable, distinct products and services have a chance to catch someone’s interest.
  • It’s free of distracting elements. When screen space is scarce, go easy on popups and sticky bars because they take up a lot of space and prevent the user from seeing your actual offer.
  • It has readable fonts across the whole page. Light grey typefaces look elegant on big screens but become indistinguishable when displayed on a smartphone.
  • It includes social proof. You can’t sacrifice this section. Mobile landing pages usually have the bare minimum in terms of information — you need to strengthen your proposal with positive reviews.
  • It creates a consistent experience. Meaning that you guide your visitors and let your audience gradually learn about your product or service.

Basically, it’s all about keeping it simple without oversimplifying things. You still want to display your product or service in the best light, so adding professional-looking photos or illustrations is important. Videos work too but keep them short, no more than 60 seconds, to avoid slowing down your page.

In real life, landing pages may contain many CTAs. You can’t avoid them, for example, on your homepage, where your visitors land after clicking on a search result. It’s not a tragedy — other rules still apply. Just don’t overfeed your audience with information. Try to keep the user’s path as smooth as possible.

Ready to get into the nitty-gritty and learn how to arrange all of your landing page elements using a drag-and-drop builder? Then, dive into our guide on creating a landing page with our website builder. But, first, check out some of the best mobile landing page examples below — they will help you understand what matters most.

7 strikingly simple and effective mobile landing page examples

Different businesses take different approaches — that’s why you’ll find diverse mobile pages here. Some of these landing pages even break the rules we’ve just described, but for a good cause. You’ll learn how to go about adding a few CTAs to your page without causing confusion.

Fitness class mobile landing page example

Starting a new, active life is easy when fitness classes don’t conflict with your work and leisure time. So, it’s no wonder that Exhale Spa, a wellness club, offers its website visitors to choose the best-located facility, check the schedule, and reserve a spot before they scroll any further. It saves everyone time and helps page visitors instantly check whether those barre classes work for them.

An effective barre classes mobile landing page by Exhale Spa

In this example, the club’s team doesn’t start describing their professional coaches and advanced equipment right above the fold — firstly, they pique the user’s interest with a concise three-sentence description and leave the option of booking a barre class by clicking on the CTA button next to it.

Then, they start going into more detail. Hesitant visitors can discover class previews and read more about each discipline before committing to anything. The descriptions are linked, so there are no clunky paragraphs on the page itself. All of the photos on this mobile landing page are real and showcase their clean, instagramable space — another advantage.

Exhale Spa also breaks down the whole initiation process into a few steps to help newcomers manage their classes and subscribe effortlessly. The mobile landing page has another CTA button at the bottom — visitors can sign up to receive wellness tips, news, and nice offers. Again, no chunky subscription forms. Just a simple button is enough in this case.

Brand mobile landing page example

Ok, that’s great and all, but how do we squeeze more information into a single mobile landing page? How do we make a stuffed eCommerce website look intuitive and simple on a smartphone? Let’s take a look at this mobile landing page from Birkenstock.

Special offers remain at the top and don’t haunt users when they’re going through the page. The new collection is beautifully presented above the fold and accompanied by a CTA button. Notice that Birkenstock uses high-quality images that emphasize the durability and ergonomics of its shoes — these aren’t just typical product photos.

Birkenstock has an intuitive mobile website

This mobile landing page has a lot to say, but it creates a smooth experience nevertheless. Different sections and offers are presented in a logical sequence. Birkenstock also reserves a place for social proof, namely, a feed with user-generated content.

Product mobile landing page example

Let’s move on to more minimalistic solutions. This one, from Keego, was created to promote an innovative bike bottle. There are not that many analogs on the market, so Keego has embarked on a mission to tell the world about the advantages of this product. Thankfully, its mobile landing page does the job perfectly.

This mobile landing page draws attention to the unique features of Keego bottles

The brand drives its message home by using an impressive animation demonstrating that Keego bottles are lightweight and easy to squeeze. Since it’s a relatively unusual product, the company gives their website visitors time to learn a bit more about it before calling them to action — another good move.

The page drills down into the details by describing the difference between Keego bottles and regular bottles, and encouraging its users to take the best from both worlds. The positive reviews by independent experts are also presented on the page. At the bottom of the page, there is a minimalistic lead-capture form allowing new users to get a discount — a sure way for the brand to grow its mailing list naturally.

Make sure to check out our post about product landing pages for some design and copy tips.

Service mobile landing page example

Trying to sell services online can make anyone giddy — there are myriads of things to consider, from your tone to your mobile landing page design. Services aren’t always tangible and measurable, so you need to establish customer trust early on. Swapfiets seems to do it just right.

The company offers city bikes for long-term rent and provides every user with instant swaps in case something is wrong with their bike. It’s an uncommon service, so Swapfiets educates new users to help them understand the convenience of the offer. The company succeeds at that — its landing page can convert a hesitant visitor into a devoted client in a few minutes.

The Swapfiets landing page has a compact design and makes it easy to rent or replace a bike

What we notice first is a clear, actionable headline along with a CTA button. It’s followed by an engaging short video describing the company’s values. It doesn’t make the page heavier, but it does create an emotional connection right away. There is a sticky bar at the top, but it doesn’t ruin the user experience at all.

Short subheadings help users quickly go through the page and grasp the essence of it. All of the descriptions are no longer than three sentences yet convey all the information needed — friendly, to-the-point landing page copy is half of the success. This mobile landing page is simple, but it covers everything potential users might ask.

Psychologist mobile landing page example

Offering one-on-one services online, such as counseling or coaching, is no easy task. However, there is a balance you can strike by providing your mobile landing page visitors with just enough information to win their trust. Here is how Dr. Fuller, a psychologist from NYC, does it on his personal website.

This psychologist’s mobile landing page immediately evokes trust

There is a motivating call to action above the fold and a more detailed description below. A professional photo is a must here because people won’t trust a therapist who prefers to remain anonymous. Just like Dr. Fuller, on your landing page, you need to explain what makes you an expert and what kind of training you have had.

We recommend using bulleted lists to describe the variety of services that you provide. If you solve private matters, you absolutely need to present genuine social proof in the form of testimonials from your clients and the resources you’ve been featured on. This example ticks all the boxes.

Find some strategies you can use to gather customer feedback.

City guide mobile landing page example

There’s no way to make a comprehensive mobile city guide, is there? This Helsinki city guide totally debunks this stereotype — its clean and intuitive website has everything a tourist might look for. Let’s take a closer look.

Helsinki city guide is a great example of an effective mobile landing page

Above the fold, we see a slider featuring articles the website’s users read the most — and nice visuals are responsible for getting visitors into the traveling mood. Then, there is a section “See & Do” that helps users dive into the most iconic local activities.

This landing page also features local guides and event announcements. The rest of it is split into categories to present Helsinki as a great place to study, work, or invest in. This kind of structure ensures consistency and helps users learn more about the city step-by-step, without getting overwhelmed. The cherry on top is the short trailer video that translates Helsinki’s special vibe.

Find out how to build a travel chatbot to maintain connections with customers online and provide fast support.

Photographer mobile landing page example

Let’s look at another service-focused mobile landing page with a minimalist design. Alessio La Ruffa is a London-based architecture photographer. He uses his website to present his work and attract new clients.

Personal websites also need lead-capture forms to convert new visitors

Since it’s a portfolio, the main focus is on his photos. But we also see a unique selling point, a brief welcome section, and a lead-capture form with a CTA. All of these elements are essential, and they are used to encourage visitors to leave their contact data.

Learn a few tried-and-true practices to create a highly-converting lead capture form.

The lead-capture form has six fields, but they are all equally important because they help the photographer craft a personalized offer for each client and bring them the most value. The use of lengthy forms is absolutely justified in cases like this one.

Easier done than said

Nothing is stopping you from shaping your own unique formula for a successful mobile landing page. Our landing page builder is great for creating personal and commercial pages that look great on mobile devices.

You can make your clean, crispy, and elegant mobile landing page in an instant using our customizable templates. Our multichannel subscription widgets will help your users smoothly transition from one medium to another, and payment integrations will simplify your sales. There are many more cool features — make sure to try them all!

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