B2B marketing (Business to Business) is the type of informational and economic interaction, classified according to the type of interacting entities, in this case, they are legal bodies who work not for the ordinary ultimate consumer, but for the same companies, i.e. for another business.

An example of B2B activities can serve the production of bar counters or the provision of advertising services.

Individuals do not need advertising, while other organizations do need. Western countries understand the term B2B as providing other companies with accompanying services, additional equipment, as well as goods intended for the production of other goods, goods for professional use etc. This sphere of activity is targeted at obtaining profit from rendering services or selling goods, where the "objects" are services or goods, and the "subjects" are organizations interacting in the market field. 

Organizations and individual entrepreneurs are the "sellers" and the "buyers" of services and goods. B2B-platform combines the solutions for both suppliers and customers, integrating them into a single system based on the central portal. Depending on the type of trading platform, it is necessary to take into account a number of important aspects that are essential for successful work. They are the following:

  • Accessibility for new participants;
  • Scalable and reliable platform (the appearance of new participants or other reasons should not affect the functioning of the platform);
  • Information management (the use of qualitative information, as well as its on-time updating, is the key to success);
  • Integration opportunities (the site must include all types of e-commerce for the convenience of users);
  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Additional services (for example, auctions or other financial services)

The main disadvantage in this system of doing business is still the high price for creating and maintaining a B2B platform.

B2B marketing framework

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