Prospective customer

A prospective customer (a prospect) is a customer who can buy your product if they want, i.e. that they have physical and financial resources. A prospect for the seller is a client who is in need of the proposed product, but there are some doubts. The task of the seller is to make a prospect buy this product. 

There are prospective customers from the point of view of marketing, then the target audience for which the product or service is intended is implied. Any entrepreneur before the release of the products thinks about the image of a person, who can buy these products. Some researches of prospective customers are conducted in order to find out where and how to offer them goods.

Prospective customer is to meet the following requirements:

  • The need for the product offered.

This is the first condition for starting work on making a prospect buy something. Why should you waste time on a person that does not feel the need for your product or service? For example: What’s the point in offering furniture for the advertising agency? If you are trying to sell a product to a customer for which they do not feel the need, then your actions are called imposing unnecessary. Sale begins with determining whether the customer has a need for your product.

  • Having a desire to purchase the proposed product.

The need and desire are absolutely different things. What or whom does it depend on, whether the client has the interest in your product? If you answered — on the seller, then you are completely right. This statement refers more to direct sales and less to retail. After all, the seller is more often the initiator of the contact in direct selling — they should be able to "sell" the need for a conversation with them on the phone, then "sell" the client the need to meet with them and eventually — their product.

In retail, on the contrary, the initiator of the contact is the client, as they come, and it almost always means that they already have (even a tiny) interest in what is offered in the store. Otherwise, what is the purpose of their coming?

How does the seller create interest in the product offered?

A seller is to conduct an effective presentation of the product or service, during which the benefits provided by the proposed product are demonstrated to the client.

  • Financial opportunities.

There is no need for additional explanations, the client should be able to pay for the product offered within the terms that satisfy you.

  • The ability (authority, power) to make a purchasing decision.

More often this is encountered when working with corporate clients. You can meet people and present your goods or services, but they will never decide to buy, but they will "feed" the seller with promises of cooperation in the future. They simply do not have such authority, but they cannot admit this to the seller because all people want to look and feel important and meaningful. The ability to find the "right person" depends on the ability of the seller to ask questions to the representatives of the client organisation.

The above-mentioned features of a prospect represent a kind of customer test for "prospectivity".

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