Targeting is an advertising mechanism, which allows to segregate the target visitors from the general audience, who meet the set criteria. Nowadays targeting is the main method of increasing effectivity of the advertising campaign, the usage of which is an irreplaceable element of the promotion of any good or service on the Internet. It allows to show the advertising banners according to the interests of the users.

Targeting mechanism:

  1. The audience is monitored on the stage of gathering information. On this stage of targeting, a marketer monitors consumers' tastes, finds out which stores are visited, what actions are carried out on the Internet, what the users are interested in etc.
  2. The information analysis stage allows to make a conclusion about the preferences of the target audience, tastes, ways of communication, ways of purchasing from a significant amount of data about a large number of users etc. Accordingly, only those target groups are selected for the advertising campaign, to which the largest number of potential addressees of your advertisement belongs.
  3. On the next stage, it is possible to present an information message, a product, a service profitably for the target audience. After the audience is determined, an advertising and information message is created.
  4. Advertising is placed only on those information resources that are visited by a potential audience (certain sites, pages, sections of stores, departments of the stores, television broadcasts).

There are several types of targeting:

  1. Theme-based targeting. Advertising and information messages demonstration according to a certain topic.
  2. Contextual targeting. Messages demonstration according to users’ interests.
  3. Geotargeting. Advertising demonstration according to the geographical principle, limited by a definite  geographical region, chosen by the advertiser.
  4. Behavioral targeting. One of the most promising types of targeting. The essence of behavioral targeting is the introduction of a mechanism for collecting information about users’ actions: routes of travel, favorite places of visits, ways of shopping etc.
  5. Sociodemographic targeting. This is a concentration on a certain age, gender, income, social status etc.

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