Personalized email

It is based on the personalization. Personalization is a powerful mechanism that allows you to insert personal data into the main email template. For example, to address to every subscriber using his name, or address to the company’s name in which the subscriber works. For your email to start not with commonplace: "Good afternoon, dear subscriber!", It is enough to specify the keyword #FIRSTNAME# by clicking on the "Name" tab and the user name will be automatically substituted. High-level personalization can not be carried out without segmentation and a clear understanding of the fact, who your customers are and what they want. 

Pros of personalization are the following:

  • Arousing interest in communication. 

When a client sees, that the email contains something linked with his interests, this email is more likely to be read, than a usual non-personalized email. Even the simple use of the recipient’s name can increase the email open rate.

  • Building a trust relationship with the client.

Send letters on behalf of a person, but not a company. So it will be easier to build personal relationships with the client and the letter will be more alive: adding photos, signature, contacts. You and the client are no longer a one-sided monologue, but a dialogue, when you turn to the client and he sees whom he communicates with.

  • Uniqueness and individuality of the content of letters.

Using marketing automation, you can attract interest from users at the expense of the content of the email, without making efforts. People will receive only interesting information, therefore the conversion will grow. Due to automation you will look like a caring campaign that provides a special attitude to each client.

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