Newsletter is one of the forms of email marketing, performed as an informative email, which includes up-to-date information on promotions, new products, events, commercial offers. Each periodic newsletter leads to the landing page, where the customer can use the offer (buy, order, etc.). Periodic newsletter is sent to the addressees who expressed a desire to receive it, for example, by filling out the "Subscribe for the newsletter" form on the landing page. The effectiveness of the mailing is much more than it seems - one and the same client is sent a lot of proposals (sometimes for years). 

Newsletter performs certain purposes:

  • To inform already existing, and also potential buyers about any new plans of your organization;
  • Inform about what is going on in a particular sector of industry and in whole  in the sphere of interests;
  • Promote goods and services;

Now you have to develop databases, for this purpose you can use the most  simple way - to create a list of mail addresses of your customers. With the help of newsletter you can:

  • Distribute the plans of your organization in a certain order, placing at the first place those what you can do better;
  • Educate your customers about what is happening in your market segment;
  • Notify about what is happening in your store;
  • Create an impression that your customers are members of your team;
  • Choose the way your organization will receive information.

The statistics of the newsletter informs the following:

  • Number of letters sent;
  • The number of delivered letters (together with those not opened);
  • Number of opened letters;
  • The number of those addresses which have not received the newsletter due to technical reasons, for example, changed addresses, idle servers;
  • Number of mistakenly sent letters (wrong addresses).


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