How to create a mailing list with variables

To create a mailing list, upload your recipients' list into it.

Uploading a list of recipients with variables to a Mailing List

Recipients list – is a list that includes email addresses of the subscribers alongside with additional details about them.

Variable – is a dynamically changing value, represented by the name of a column of recipients’ list.

Email addresses are uploaded into the mailing lists in "Mailing Lists”

For instance, you have a list, that apart from email addresses contains additional information about your subscribers – such as their first and last names, registration date, type of merchandise they purchased, location, gender, etc.

Log in to your SendPulse account and go to"Mailing Lists" menu

Go to mailing lists

Click “New Mailing List" to create one.

Create new mailing list

Name it and click "Create"


Now, having Created the list, then add recipients to it.
List of recipients can be uploaded from a file, it can be added manually or it can be imported from a third party CRM system

Add recipients to the mailing list

Let’s upload a list of subscribers from a local file.

Currently, users can edit any subscriber’s details except for the email address, - to do that, email address of recipients must be uploaded to the first column, then phone numbers go to the second one and so on in the order you prefer.

If you put subscribers’ phone numbers in the first column, you won’t be able to edit them (which might become necessary later in case their contact number changes). Note that "Email" and "Phone" columns are active by default and other columns must be named, or they will stay inactive (staying in "Disabled") status.

Let’s give names to columns with additional data – to use the names as variables later.

Add names of the recipients

Names can be selected from the ones suggested by the service, or click "Create Variable" – to give a specific name.

Create variable

Selecting the type of variables

Type in the variable name and select its type:

  • Type String – when data for the variable is in text format (e.g. company name, location and so on)
  • Type Number – for numeric values (e.g. amount of emails sent to the subscriber, number or sum of orders placed by the subscriber etc.)
  • Type Date – allows picking a date in the calendar (for instance subscription date).

Types of variables in mailing lists allow doing a more customized segmentation of your recipients' lists.

Splitting variables into types help to segment mailing.

For instance, user will be able to send a follow-up email to subscribers in X days after their registration date.

Editing variables

Use Filter to locate the contact:

Use Filter

Set up the filter parameters:

Set up the filter parameters

Boxes Start date and End date are used to select a timespan when the subscriber was added to the mailing list.
* Mailing list will stay inaccessible until the whole list has been uploaded.
* Addresses will have the"New" status – the status will change as soon as the first campaign for the list has passed the moderation.

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