SMS Service

Sending SMS campaigns

  • How to Purchase Bulk SMS

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    You can purchase Bulk SMS from SendPulse. There are no pricing plans for this service. You just add the necessary amount of funds for your future campaigns.

  • How to Send SMS Messages

    Last Updated: 05.01.2021

    With an SMS campaign builder, you can create personalized campaigns to notify users about changes to your service or promotions and send them to a large list of recipients.

Mailing Lists

  • How to Create a Mailing List

    Last Updated: 30.01.2020

    Give it name and click "Add."

  • Segmentation by Phone Number

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    If mailing lists in your SendPulse account contain clients' phone numbers and you are sending SMS-campaigns to them, there is an option to segment recipients according to their mobile phone numbers.


  • How to Send Bulk SMS

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    You can easily send large amounts of SMS by registering with SendPulse, adding the text of your message, and choosing a list of recipients. With SendPulse, you can send highly segmented SMS to a large subscriber base at wholesale prices.

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