Instructions on how to use SendPulse with third-party products

  • How to integrate with Shopify

    Last Updated: 14.06.2024

    The SendPulse and Shopify integration allows you to export contacts (email addresses and phone numbers) from Shopify to SendPulse. You can also customize your pop-up display on Shopify pages.

  • How to integrate with Creatio

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    In this article, we will talk about how to integrate with Creatio and launch your campaigns.

  • How to integrate SendPulse with other services via Make (formerly Integromat)

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    The Integromat service has changed its website address, design and name to Make. The integration options remain the same, but the design may differ from the screenshots shown in the article.

  • How to integrate SendPulse with Facebook Lead Ads

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Facebook Leads Ads is a tool that helps businesses generate leads on Facebook and Instagram. It enables businesses to create ads that collect people's contact information, including their names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  • How to integrate SendPulse with other services using Zapier

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Zapier is a service that helps you integrate SendPulse with other apps, like Google Sheets, shopping carts, CRM platforms, and more.

  • How to Integrate SendPulse with Convertful

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Subscription forms from Convertful appear on the right webpages, at the right time and help convert your visitors into subscribers. In this step-by-step guide, you can learn how to integrate SendPulse with Convertful. 

  • How to Integrate SendPulse with CreateForm

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Integration is easy

  • How to Use the SendPulse Add-on for CS Cart Online Shops

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    CS-Cart is a popular platform for online shops.

  • How to Integrate SendPulse with WooCommerce

    Last Updated: 10.06.2024

    To get started with the SendPulse WooCommerce plugin, you need to find it in the plugins section or download the file using the link below, and install it.

  • How to Integrate SendPulse with Justuno

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    This guide covers the necessary steps to start collecting email addresses and other clients' data with SendPulse form integration for Justuno.

  • How to Integrate SendPulse with PrestaShop

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    The  SendPulse module for PrestaShop allows you to export email addresses to SendPulse and import them from SendPulse to PrestaShop to collect contacts for further email campaigns.

  • How to install the WordPress plugin to add subscription forms

    Last Updated: 30.04.2024

    Using the SendPulse Email Marketing Newsletter plugin for WordPress, you can add subscription forms to your website and automatically add new subscribers to your mailing list. This plugin allows you to tailor your forms to your brand style and import contacts from WordPress into SendPulse mailing lists.

  • How to Install SendPulse Email Marketing Module for Opencart

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    This module allows you to send email campaigns to all of your customers.  A significant advantage of this module is its function to maximize your email open rate. SendPulse's tools will help you increase open rates by over 60%.

  • How to Integrate SendPulse with OptinMonster

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    OptinMonster offers seamless integration with SendPulse email marketing service. Connecting OptinMonster to your SendPulse email list is very easy. Follow our step by step guide on how to connect OptinMonster with your SendPulse account.

  • How to Install SendPulse Module for Drupal

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Make sure your libraries module is version 2.0 or above before you install or upgrade SendPulse. Also, you need to place SendPulse REST client (download) in your libraries folder (usually path/ sites/ all/ libraries).

  • How to install and use Contact Form 7 to move contact data from WordPress

    Last Updated: 19.04.2024

    Contact Form 7 to Any API is a WordPress plugin designed to transfer data from contact forms to various third-party tools or services, such as SendPulse’s CRM system, through REST API. It also automatically stores information received through Contact Form 7 in a database with advanced functionality, including data search and export capabilities in CSV or Excel formats.

  • How to Send Bulk Emails with Gmail

    Last Updated: 07.06.2024

    Gmail supports sending a limited number of bulk emails. However, there are a number of caveats because Gmail is not optimized for bulk mailing, whereas SendPulse is specifically designed for sending bulk emails at no cost, including Gmail recipients. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide.

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