Help potential clients contact you in just one click

A ready-made QR code allows users to initiate a WhatsApp conversation, and a pre-made message helps start a conversation with ease.


Dedicated QR codes

Create an unlimited number of QR codes with different pre-made messages to analyze traffic from websites, ads, and more.


Handy links for your website, social media, and email campaigns

Aside from QR codes, our generator can also create links. Add them to your website, social media profile, and email campaigns to attract even more leads.


Free tool with no registration required

WhatsApp QR code generation does not require registration, but you can create a to automate your WhatsApp conversations and develop chatbots.

Enhance your brand presence on WhatsApp

Use powerful communication tools and automate your messaging campaigns to streamline daily workflows.

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WhatsApp chatbots

Engage new customers with automated messages, assign team members to tackle complex inquiries, and guide your users toward purchases using WhatsApp. Automate feedback collection and customer re-engagement to drive business growth. Enjoy 1,000 free sessions per month and integration with ChatGPT from SendPulse.

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Personalized campaigns

Leverage SendPulse's comprehensive toolkit to master no-code chatbot development, marketing campaign automation, audience segmentation, and content personalization.

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Analytics and tracking

Maximize the impact of your WhatsApp communication with detailed reports on opens, clicks, and other metrics. Choose impactful strategies and amplify your success!

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Team collaboration

Harness the power of the official WhatsApp Business API to manage conversations seamlessly across multiple devices. Delegate tasks among your team members and track their performance.

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Multichannel pipelines

Build a complex strategy using other communication channels. Stay connected with your audience on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media and send SMS, email, and web push notifications. All of this is available on a single platform — no programming skills or third-party experts required.

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Manage WhatsApp conversations from your smartphone

Install the app and send quick replies to potential and existing clients, analyze chatbot statistics, and manage your subscribers' data.


WhatsApp QR code generator is a free tool that allows you to create QR codes for WhatsApp, making it easier to initiate conversations and attract new subscribers to your WhatsApp chatbot.

It will include your WhatsApp phone number and a pre-set word or phrase. When users scan your QR code, they will see a pre-set WhatsApp message they can send to your phone number in one click. This action can then initiate a conversation with your chat assignee or trigger your automated WhatsApp flow.

In this case, the user will be redirected to a page that offers them to either install WhatsApp or access your chat through WhatsApp’s web version.

New users may find it inconvenient to initiate WhatsApp conversations. They have to save your phone number, run it through the messaging app to find your profile, and manually type in their message. A pre-made QR code simplifies this process to just one click, and a pre-set message makes it easier to start a conversation.

Yes, instead of a QR code, you can create a WhatsApp link that also includes your WhatsApp phone number and a pre-set message. You can create an unlimited number of links with pre-made messages and add them to your social media profile, website, and emails.

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