Getting Started

  • How to renew your Viber sender name

    Last Updated: 28.01.2024

    You can renew your Viber sender name for the upcoming month until the 20th of the current month.

  • How to add a new Viber sender name

    Last Updated: 28.01.2024

    To send messages in Viber, you need to register a sender name. To register a name, ensure your account balance has sufficient funds, and submit an application.

Creating Message

  • How to create a Viber message template

    Last Updated: 16.01.2024

    You can create transactional Viber campaign templates using SendPulse. For example, you can send welcome messages after registration, confirm purchases, or update delivery statuses.

  • How to send a Viber campaign

    Last Updated: 02.02.2024

    You can create personalized Viber campaigns to notify subscribers about recent updates or promotions.

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