Email Verifier

Getting Started

  • What Plans are Available for the Validation Service

    Last Updated: 27.08.2020

    Every month you can check 100 email addresses for free. If this is not enough, choose a paid plan. We offers the following options: Monthly subscriptionA subscription is charged for a fixed number of addresses, which you can check per month. Please note: when you subscribe with a monthly plan for six months, you get a 10% discount, and for a year you get a 20% discount.

  • How to Create a Campaign for a Verified Mailing List

    Last Updated: 05.08.2022

    After validation, you will not only have a list of valid and invalid addresses but a separate mailing list, where you can create segments and send more relevant campaigns.

  • How to Interpret Email Address Verification Results

    Last Updated: 14.09.2021

    You can view the report with the statuses of verified addresses in the My Verifications tab. This section displays the history of all your previous verifications.

  • How to Export Verified Email Addresses

    Last Updated: 15.10.2020

    After verification you can export the verified address list as a file in CSV, XLS, XLSX formats.

  • How to Verify Email Addresses

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    To validate the email addresses on your mailing list, navigate to the Email Verification section and click Verify.

  • What Is an Email Verifier and Why Should You Use It?

    Last Updated: 09.12.2020

    An email verifier is a service designed to check your mailing list for invalid email addresses.

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