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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts from the SendPulse Blog in 2023

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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts from the SendPulse Blog in 2023

2023 has definitely kept us on our toes — for SendPulse, this year was brimming with innovation, explorations of new trends, and freshly released features. Now, it’s time to take a breather and look back on some of our most insightful and memorable blog posts in 2023. We have handpicked our top 10 digital marketing pieces that have resonated with our readers the most this year. Let’s rediscover the gold nuggets together!

We have also updated our all-time favorite blog posts on Telegram text formatting and Telegram bot examples, so make sure to give them a read, too!

Building a GPT Chatbot: Pro Tips, Ideas, and Examples

chat gpt

GPT bots are not a new kid on the block — companies have extensively used AI in their rule-based chatbots. This AI system holds the crown globally, but how does it benefit business owners and marketers? Our blog post will reveal how GPT chatbots assist brands in terms of customer interactions, showcase bot examples, and guide you through building your own GPT bot with no coding required.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Online Course Completion Certificates

Course Completion Certificates

Why should course creators go the extra mile with certificates? The answer is fairly simple: they’re a lot more than just a marker of a course completion. When done right, they offer a motivational boost, bring real value to learners, and even elevate your brand’s visibility. Dive into our blog post to learn how to create a course completion certificate that does all this and more!

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Reminder Emails: The Art of Staying Top of Mind With Customers

reminder emails

When you think of your customers’ email inboxes, don’t trick yourself into thinking your email just thrives there with a spotlight on it. Promotional emails, upsells, and special offers can distract even your most engaged and loyal customers. Sulking over it definitely won’t help the situation, but a gentle and timely nudge sure will. Take a peek at our blog post to start excelling in sending reminder emails — our tips, ideas, and examples can help you engage your customers effectively.

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Live Chat Customer Support 101: Things to Consider and Mistakes to Avoid

Live Chat Customer Support

Customer support requires superhuman effort, yet the support team also needs substantial backing! Live chat widgets can drastically enhance your customer service response time, but what’s the best way to successfully put them into action? Explore our blog post to grasp the ins and outs of deploying live chats for flawless customer support.

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How to Turn Your Website Contact Forms Into Lead Generation Machines

website contact forms

With a bit of craftsmanship and strategic planning, you can create a stellar ‘Contact Us’ form capable of capturing a wealth of contact data. Our blog post talks about contact forms that serve not only as customer data collectors but also as tools to foster meaningful connections. Uncover inventive strategies, expert tips, and real-world examples that will enhance your ability to engage with your audience.

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FAQ Chatbot Guide: Use Cases, Benefits, and Examples

faq bots

Although dedicated website sections and live customer support manage FAQs effectively, there’s an even more sophisticated option: FAQ chatbots. These digital assistants not only provide comprehensive answers but also manage to generate leads, lightening the load on your customer support team. Discover how to create FAQ chatbots, explore practical use cases, and gain inspiration from excellent examples in our blog post.

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Creating a Portfolio Website: Tips, Ideas, and Examples

portfolio sites

If you’re making your mark in a creative field or shaping your personal brand, simply sticking your resume into a PDF and hoping for the best won’t cut it. To effectively present your talent and develop a captivating brand narrative, it’s time to delve into the realm of portfolio websites. Wondering how to create one, what key elements to include, and how to ensure its success? Our blog post has all the answers you need!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Email Templates in 2024

email templates

The sheer volume of email templates available in the market can be overwhelming — anyone can get lost. But fret not! Whether you seek stunning email designs or customizable options, we have the solution for you. Our blog post delves into the secrets of impactful email templates, guiding you through the process of selecting one for your campaign.

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SMS Marketing Platforms: The Software You Didn’t Know You Needed

sms software

Are you trying to elevate your customer communication practices? Well, here’s a hot take for you: messaging apps aren’t the only quick solution! In this blog post, we’ll explore top-notch SMS marketing platforms, empowering you to supercharge customer engagement via text messages.

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How to Hit the Perfect Pop-up Timing for Maximum Engagement

pop-up timing

Let’s address the elephant in the room: pop-ups have a bad rep. Interrupting browsing experiences isn’t anyone’s favorite tactic, but it still persists in marketing. Still, there’s a way to make pop-ups more tolerable and impactful. Dive into our blog post for insights on timing your pop-ups to avoid customer frustration while boosting effectiveness.

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And that was our year in review. We look forward to 2024 with hope and will keep bringing you some of the best digital marketing tips we come across. Thank you for being with us! Stay tuned, and Happy New Year?✨

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December 29, 2023

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