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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts from the SendPulse Blog in 2022

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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts from the SendPulse Blog in 2022

2022 did not go easy on SendPulse and our home country, Ukraine. Every single member of the team had to work extra hard to maintain the quality of our services and deliver value to our clients and readers. We are proud to say that we managed to do this and even more, defying all the odds, shellings, and blackouts.

We rolled out our online course builder and pop-up service and don’t plan to stop on that. Our blog definitely did not lag behind, and this year was brimming with brilliant and value-laden posts we cannot gatekeep. As the year draws to its close, we will go over some of the best digital marketing blog posts you might have missed, so sit back and enjoy!

Online Course Promotion: Key Steps for Attracting and Retaining Students

Ever since the pandemic, the eLearning industry has been riding the wave — it seems that even your cat will start taking online courses soon. Unfortunately, promoting your digital product in this environment is anything but easy. To stick out to people, you should communicate the results they can achieve after taking your course and nurture your leads. Check out our post to find more tips on online course promotion and effective strategies you can use today!

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8 Most Common Customer Service Challenges and Tips on How to Handle Them

Customer service is the first line of customer communication. It is one of the most unnerving, vexing, and demanding jobs in every company, and yet no company can keep afloat without it. In this blog post, we will cover the most daunting challenges known to customer service teams and advise on how to tackle them seamlessly.

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How to Craft an Irresistible Chatbot Welcome Message

Why bother going out of your way to create your first chatbot message? Think of it as your welcome mat — the minute users see it, they know what waits for them at the next turn and what kind of chatbot personality you have. Once you discover our helpful tips and real-life chatbot welcome message examples, creating one for your company should not take much of your time.

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How to Create a Personal Website to Present Yourself and Your Work

Social media trends come and go, but you know what stays with your brand no matter what? Your website. It is your own piece of digital space where you have full control and can keep things in place. This blog post can help you if you have never created a website before and do not know how to code.

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Hit and Sell: 15 Sales Chatbot Features that Can Step Up Your Sales Game

“Chatbots can’t sell,” they said. “You can only create chatbots for customer support,” they said. Our blog post is here to prove them wrong and present sales chatbot features that can help you boost your conversions. Learn how chatbots can help you personalize your product recommendations, minimize the number of abandoned checkouts, integrate payment gateways, and more.

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Online Course Landing Page: Design, Copywriting, and Examples

If you still think that online course landing pages are nothing but pretty packaging, we need to talk. Online course landing pages don’t just captivate visitors with visuals — they register your students, grow your mailing list, accept payments, generate leads, and convert. To function as an effective tool and turn website visitors into actual students, your online course landing page needs to be well-optimized and structured — this is exactly what you will learn to do after reading this blog post.

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20+ Splendid Welcome Email Examples and Tips You Can Learn from Them

Much like with chatbot welcome messages, welcome emails set your entire sales narrative in motion. Unlike chatbot welcome messages, emails require a lot more elbow grease with their design and copy. If you feel frustrated about what your email should even look like and need some references, our blog post with welcome email examples is exactly what you need.

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10 Cheap or Free Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Small business owners and their multi-tasking skills can put even Caesar to shame. Wanna know how they tackle all the marketing and sales challenges on their own? Automation tools! Learn about the best marketing automation tools you can implement to grow your small business more effectively.

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Don’t Let Them Go: 15 Ways to Boost Your Online Course Completion Rates

Up to 85% of people drop out of their online courses — paid ones, too. Although laziness or lack of motivation can seem like major reasons for this at first, this actually can be an issue stemming from your end. Let’s dive into the causes of poor online course completion rates and what you can do to let them soar.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Website Pop-up Design

It is so easy to overdo it with your pop-up… Spend too much time trying to make it attractive and captivating, and you end up with a full-page flashy monstrosity. Make sure to read our blog post to avoid turning your pop-up into an eyesore and make it interactive, effective, and respectful to users instead.

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And that was our year in review. We look forward to 2023 with hope and will keep bringing you some of the best digital marketing tips we come across. Thank you for being with us! Stay tuned, and Happy New Year🎄✨

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30 Dec. 2022

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