Student Data Management

How to view and edit student data

  • How to assign a team member to a student

    Last Updated: 22.04.2024

    You can assign a team member to certain students. This will help distribute the workload among your team members, assign instructors based on their skills and experience, and segment your course audience.

  • How to manage student groups

    Last Updated: 17.04.2024

    You can create a student group and assign an instructor to it within your course. This can help you segment students by their preferences, skill levels, or pricing plans.

  • How to view student information in the CRM section

    Last Updated: 06.03.2024

    Only users who have access to your CRM can view and edit your contacts and manage your deals in CRM.

  • How to view student data

    Last Updated: 21.05.2024

    After enrolling in a course, students are added to the Courses section of the selected course in the Students tab. In addition, contacts are created in the CRM section, so you can manage your students via your pipeline and communicate with them using different communication channels.

  • How the number of students is calculated

    Last Updated: 06.03.2024

    With SendPulse, you can create courses and enroll students in them. Depending on the pricing plan, you can add from 200 to 100,000 students.

  • How to edit student data

    Last Updated: 28.05.2024

    Once a student enrolls in your course, their data will be saved to Courses > the Students tab. You can edit their data or apply actions to one or multiple students.

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