How to view student information in the CRM section

Only users who have access to your CRM can view and edit your contacts and manage your deals in CRM.

Go to the CRM section in the Contacts tab. Filter your contacts by the Courses source.

Click on a contact to open their card, and go to the Courses tab.

The Courses tab displays all the courses for which the contact has registered, their course completion status, total score, and test results for each section of the course.

To view the list of completed lessons and their completion dates, click "More."

To contact a student via CRM, click on the (Send Email) icon or Open chat.

If you create a deal with a contact, you can send emails to them automatically using the Change of deal status trigger. This will allow you to notify the student about the start of the course or certificate issuance and invite them to similar courses. In the future, there will be more triggers associated with events in the online course platform.

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