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10 Best Pipedrive Alternatives to Put on Your Radar in 2024

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10 Best Pipedrive Alternatives to Put on Your Radar in 2024

Good is the enemy of great — this quote may be true when it comes to personal achievements, but it’s definitely misleading when used in regard to gear and software. Often, “good” software solutions tailored to your specific needs can be more beneficial than chasing after “great” but overly hyped apps.

Over 100,000 companies worldwide now use Pipedrive. Nevertheless, the number of its competitors is also growing leaps and bounds, and not without reason. Let’s find out what makes Pipedrive a popular CRM and why, despite that, you may want to look toward its competitors instead. We’ll look at ten strong Pipedrive alternatives, compare their features, and break down their pricing.

Key Pipedrive features

The whole process of searching for the best Pipedrive alternative suddenly becomes less cumbersome when you know exactly what you need. Here are the crucial features that any strong Pipedrive competitor should offer:

  • Pipeline management. Pipedrive’s strength lies in its intuitive visual framework allowing salespeople to guide their leads through the buying process. Having a pipeline view is essential if you want to track and manage deals easily and clearly understand their needs at any given moment.
  • Customizable sales stages. Pipedrive allows users to customize their sales stages to match their unique sales process. Seek CRM systems that offer some level of flexibility, enabling you to tailor your sales pipeline stages to reflect your specific workflow and terminology.
  • Unified space for sales activities. Pipedrive offers a built-in sales inbox along with calendar sync and easy call scheduling. This ensures quick response times, fewer missed opportunities, and more meaningful, context-driven interactions with leads.
  • Contact list management. With Pipedrive, users can not only store their contacts in one place but also categorize, mark, update, and search through them with ease. The CRM system of your choice should enable you to do the same, enriching your records with custom fields and interaction history.
  • Email tools for follow-ups and lead nurturing. Pipedrive has a built-in email service, allowing users to send personalized campaigns, track opens and clicks, and send automated event-triggered sequences directly from CRM. It is a must-have feature for any CRM, as it allows you to supply your leads with the right content at the right time.
  • Sales insights. Pipedrive provides users with valuable insights into their sales performance through customizable reports, forecasts, and analytics dashboards. Seek CRM systems with similar built-in tools for tracking key metrics, identifying trends, and making data-driven decisions.
  • Rich integration capabilities. Pipedrive offers 400+ integrations with third-party tools and services, allowing sales reps to extend the functionality of their CRM and integrate it with their favorite tools. This feature is especially important because it empowers you to manage all things sales from a single app.
  • Mobile-friendliness. Pipedrive’s mobile app helps salespeople manage deals on the go and stay responsive while away from the office. So, the ideal CRM platform would be the one that is easy to use even on a smartphone.

By prioritizing these key features, you can find a solution that meets your business needs and provides a similar user experience to Pipedrive while avoiding its cons.

Why should you consider Pipedrive alternatives?

Even the sun has its spots, so it’s no wonder some users end up dissatisfied with Pipedrive despite its stellar set of features.

Pipedrive’s reviews
Pipedrive’s reviews on Capterra

We’ve gone through dozens of Pipedrive’s reviews on various software comparison platforms, and here’s what we’ve found:

  1. Pipedrive’s pricing is appropriate and fair for medium-sized businesses and enterprises but may be tough to justify for a small business with a limited budget. Lesser-known tools may offer comparable functionality at a lower cost or even for free, and opting for a more affordable option can help you allocate resources more efficiently.
  2. The platform takes some getting used to. There’s a specific process for creating and organizing pipelines, and it can be easy to get lost in it for a while, tweaking and playing around with settings, filters, board views, etc.
  3. Pipedrive has many intricate features up its sleeve, which can be overkill for a small company looking for a simple way to track its deals. In some cases, you may want to prioritize functionality over brand recognition. A lesser-hyped tool might offer precisely the features you need without the extra bells and whistles that complicate usage.
  4. The system is clearly geared toward sales professionals. If you want sales, marketers, HRs, and client success teams all to work in the same CRM, you’ll be better off opting for a multi-purpose solution.
  5. Pipedrive’s support team is not always available for immediate help, especially if you want to communicate in a language other than English or Portuguese and are many time zones away. Phone support is only available on top-tier packages.

Then, there are also personal factors in play. A CRM system is something you use every workday, so you need to understand and enjoy its interface, terminology, and toolkit to make the most out of it. Now, knowing all that, we can safely move on to reviewing Pipedrive competitors.

Top Pipedrive alternatives to try out

Let’s see exactly what the Pipedrive competition has to offer and for how much. We’ve included a few free Pipedrive alternatives in this list to give you more freedom of choice.


SendPulse is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform that encompasses a CRM system, an email service, pop-ups, SMS, chatbots, and a website builder, among other features. It’s built with small businesses in mind and is intended to help you seamlessly manage and foster customer relationships from a single tab.

With SendPulse, it’s easy to craft and send personalized email campaigns and maintain conversations across a variety of channels. The CRM system in particular helps teams collect and organize crucial customer data as well as create customized pipelines and stages. The intuitive dashboard gives you visibility into open deals — you can efficiently assign them, monitor progress, and prevent missed opportunities.

Tracking deals
Tracking deals in the CRM by SendPulse

Anyone on your team can update deals and tag other team members to keep them in the loop. This prevents deals from slipping between the cracks and ensures that they are steadily moving toward the point of closing.

This Pipedrive alternative offers everything that teams need to work together on successfully nurturing leads and closing deals:

  • Kanban, list, and calendar views;
  • manual or automated deal creation;
  • deal creation from chatbots, courses, pop-ups, sites, and other services;
  • easy overview of each contact’s history;
  • deal history and comments;
  • custom contact and deal fields;
  • unified email inbox;
  • payment links;
  • file manager for sales enablement;
  • ability to create tasks and items within a deal;
  • task board with a calendar;
  • deal-related call and payment tracking;
  • built-in statistics;
  • 24/7 live support;
  • integrations with Google Calendar and other services.

Pricing. SendPulse offers a free-forever plan with up to 5 users, 2 sales pipelines, and 2 task boards. For larger teams and access to advanced features, you can pick one of the paid plans starting at $37 per month for 10 users, billed monthly. Annual plans are 20% cheaper.

You can get started with a free account now. No credit card required. Upgrade when or if you need it.


Capsule positions itself is a simple yet mighty and versatile CRM for teams and businesses of all sizes. It helps you track conversations, visualize deal progression, and automate certain sales activities. It’s possible to create well-rounded customer profiles and tailored pipelines that accurately represent your sales process.

contact profile
Creating a data-rich contact profile in Capsule; source: G2

This CRM also comes with email marketing tools and Kanban-style project management boards. You can set up advanced automated sequences and give your team complete visibility across projects, all with the help of a single tool.

Capsule’s feature list can easily compete with that of Pipedrive and even surpasses it on some occasions. Here’s what the tool offers:

  • variety of supported formats for data import;
  • visual pipelines with drag-and-drop editing;
  • milestones and expected close dates;
  • transactional emails and lead capture forms;
  • calendar and task management tools;
  • versatile workflow automations;
  • easy contact search, categorization, and enrichment;
  • custom contact lists and fields;
  • AI content assistant for easy email creation;
  • mobile version for iOS and Android;
  • 50+ integrations;
  • detailed statistics, activity reports, and forecasting.

Pricing. There’s a 14-day free trial that works for any plan. Capsule’s pricing plans start at $21 per user, billed monthly. Annual plans cost 15% less.


Corteza is an open-source, API-centric, multi-purpose platform that comes with an advanced CRM template that one can customize or build on top of. It is the best free Pipedrive alternative for teams that prefer having full control over their CRM and data in it and have some developer skills.

customizable CRM solution
Corteza’s customizable CRM solution; source: Corteza

The beauty of this CRM solution lies in its flexibility. It’s possible to adjust it to suit your company’s needs and reflect your unique sales process.

Corteza has everything you would normally expect from a modern CRM system, and you can add even more to this list if needed:

  • visual dashboard for easy deal tracking;
  • customizable sales process;
  • contact list management tools;
  • sales forecasting;
  • customizable customer profiles;
  • quoting and invoicing;
  • lead scoring, assignment, and routing;
  • agent roles and permissions;
  • calendar for tracking tasks, calls, meetings, and notes;
  • automated workflows;
  • comments and other collaboration features;
  • integrations with Google Apps and more;
  • reports, graphs, and metrics for better visibility into sales reps’ performance.

Pricing. You can use Corteza for free on your own server or get the cloud version from Planet Crust. Depending on your skills, you may also want to hire a Planet Crust expert to customize, maintain, and support your CRM for you.


Insightly is a powerful CRM platform that caters to a diverse array of industries and company sizes. It can be used by sales, marketing, project management, and customer service teams as it gives great visibility into the sales pipeline and helps centralize the entirety of customer data.

all-in-one CRM solution
Insightly offers an all-in-one CRM solution; source: Software Advice

Moreover, the platform enables you to build personalized customer journeys. With the help of audience segmentation, A/B testing, and customizable email templates, you can supply your prospects with the most relevant content and deliver it at the right time, too.

Other features of this Pipedrive alternative include:

  • unified bird-eye view visual dashboard;
  • customizable pipelines, boards, and milestones;
  • customizable objects, fields, and project stages;
  • lead prioritization, routing, and assignment;
  • project and task management tools;
  • custom fields and page layouts for each project;
  • customer support portal;
  • reminder and onboarding automation;
  • products, pricing, and customizable quotes;
  • ticketing system;
  • agent roles and advanced permissions;
  • 2,000+ no-code integrations;
  • apps for Android and iOS;
  • in-depth analytics.

Pricing. There’s a 14-day free trial. Insightly offers marketing, sales, and service packages as separate products. The basic CRM package costs $29 per month, billed monthly. You can save up to 30% by buying all-in-one instead of individual packages.


Flowlu is a versatile collaboration solution featuring a small-business-friendly CRM. You can also use Flowlu to manage projects and tasks, keep financial records, plan budgets, generate invoices, create knowledge libraries, and collaborate with clients or contractors.

Flowlu allows you to manage every aspect of customer relationships from a single app and seamlessly switch between workspaces while maintaining a single source of truth.

CRM platform
Flowlu is a full-featured CRM platform for small and medium-sized businesses; source: Flowlu

This Pipedrive alternative offers a great deal of flexibility through customization — and more:

  • seamless onboarding and knowledge base;
  • Kanban board;
  • visual sales funnels;
  • custom fields for deal and contact enrichment;
  • real-time notifications;
  • lead capture forms;
  • easy lead nurturing through emails;
  • task management functionality;
  • comments, notes, and file attachments;
  • calendar view for keeping track of meetings and calls;
  • sales automations for repetitive actions like follow-ups or project creation;
  • integration with any telephony provider;
  • customizable CRM reports.

Pricing. The platform offers a free plan with 2 user seats. The basic plan with 8 user seats costs $39 per month. You can save 20% by paying annually.


Salesmate is an omnichannel CRM solution with a strong emphasis on automation and AI enhancement. It can cover all your deal tracking, marketing, support, customer communication, and analytics needs.

intuitive interface
Salesmate CRM offers a clean, intuitive interface; source: Salesmate

Salesmate comes with personalized emails, a built-in VoIP solution for inbound and outbound sales calls, a meeting scheduling system, an SMS service, a live chat solution, and a call automation tool.

Here’s what makes Salesmate an outstanding CRM system suitable for most businesses:

  • real-time sales activity tracking;
  • intuitive dashboards;
  • AI co-pilot for front-line teams;
  • custom modules for managing subscriptions, leads, customers, and partners;
  • pipeline templates and customizable customer journeys;
  • adjustable views and workflows for a clear overview;
  • easy collaboration through tagging, conversations, notes, chats, or deals;
  • advanced search and other contact management features;
  • bulk actions for effective data management;
  • user permissions and roles;
  • custom layouts for different users or teams;
  • custom fields with formulas;
  • goal setting, reports, and forecasts;
  • mobile app.

Pricing. Salesmate offers a 15-day free trial. The pricing plans start at $29 a month per user, billed monthly. The AI assistant is available as an add-on. Annual billing will save you 20%.

Revamp CRM

Revamp CRM is aimed at eCommerce businesses looking for a better way to manage their contacts and deals. It offers everything an online store needs to effortlessly build and nurture customer relationships while keeping CRM lightweight and easy to understand.

Revamp CRM
Revamp CRM is built specifically for eCommerce; source: Revamp CRM

Revamp CRM helps you dive into the purchasing behavior of any customer and trace back their history with your brand. It can automatically highlight repeat buyers and identify inactive users who need some sort of re-engagement. At any moment, you can view a customer’s forecasted next order date, average order value, total sales, product count per order, and more.

The following features make this CRM a perfect Pipedrive alternative for eCommerce:

  • 360° customer profiles with notes, scores, and tags;
  • custom fields and marks for capturing preferences;
  • visual dashboard for daily sales activities as well as big-picture processes;
  • data sync from WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.;
  • tiers, lists, quick search, and other contact management tools;
  • audience segmentation with 40+ data points;
  • workflow automations;
  • tasks and calendar;
  • activity reports;
  • 80+ integrations and a mobile app;
  • analytics per sales channel, campaign, discount, or any custom segment.

Pricing. The platform has a free-forever plan with 1 user seat and 1 month order history. The more advanced plans start at $9 a month per user seat, billed monthly.


Keap is a premium CRM system for small and medium-sized businesses intended to scale. It offers all-in-one sales and marketing automations for collecting, nurturing, and converting leads into customers with minimal effort.

Keap CRM
Keap is a CRM for small businesses; source: Keap

Here’s what makes Keap a better alternative to Pipedrive:

  • visual automation builder for complex personalized sequences;
  • full visibility into the sales process;
  • custom lead forms and landing pages;
  • audience segmentation;
  • modern email and SMS templates;
  • dedicated phone line for sales calls;
  • appointment reminders for customers;
  • appointment scheduling system;
  • invoicing, payment processing, and other eCommerce tools;
  • user access controls;
  • free expert-guided data migration;
  • integrations with Zapier, PayPal, Quickbooks, and more;
  • mobile app.

Pricing. There is a 14-day free trial. The all-in-one pricing plans start at $199 a month, billed monthly, for 1,500 contacts and 2 users. You can choose annual billing to save 20%.


Nimble is a human-focused CRM system for teams of all sizes. It helps unify siloed contacts and infuse them with rich social and business data, which is crucial for proper relationship management. Nimble can be used as a browser or email extension on any social platform.

detailed contact profiles
Nimble allows you to create detailed contact profiles; source: Microsoft AppSource

Let’s look at Nimble’s feature list:

  • customizable sales pipelines and deals;
  • customizable Kanban boards and list views;
  • trigger-based workflow automation builder;
  • email marketing tools and analytics;
  • advanced contact search;
  • automated contact updates;
  • lead capture forms;
  • event and task delegation;
  • audience segmentation;
  • 100+ integrations;
  • mobile app;
  • in-depth reports and forecasts.

Pricing. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial. The paid plans start at $29 per seat, billed monthly. Paying annually is 17% cheaper.


Attio is a data-driven, SaaS-oriented CRM platform with a clean interface and lots of powerful features under the hood. It encourages you to craft your ideal CRM and workflows with the help of flexible templates. Then, you can continually sync your product, billing, and customer relationship data into your workspace to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

CRM for startups
Attio is a specialized CRM for startups; source: Attio

Attio goes beyond deals and plain contact lists — its features allow you to stay on top of all customer interactions and sales and marketing processes:

  • intuitive dashboard with detailed views, from Kanban to table;
  • visual canvas for building multi-step journeys;
  • custom attributes;
  • automatic contact data enrichment with the help of AI;
  • go-to-market strategy automation;
  • customizable automation templates for customer engagement and more;
  • permission control;
  • email and calendar sync;
  • sales engagement tools;
  • activity timelines;
  • real-time collaborative note-taking;
  • dynamic reporting.

Pricing. Attio has a limited free plan with 3 user seats. The cheapest plan with no seat limits costs around $35 a month, billed monthly. Annual billing can help you save 15%.

Which Pipedrive alternative is the best one?

Here are our top ten Pipedrive competitors at a glance.

Solution Free plan Starting price, billed monthly Usage limits on basic plans Best for
SendPulse + $37 10 users, 5 pipelines, 5 task boards, 5 GB of storage Marketing, sales, content creation, and HR teams
Capsule Free trial $21 per user 2 users, 30,000 contacts, 1 pipeline, 1 project board Teams looking for sales and marketing alignment
Corteza + Free No limits Organizations preferring custom solutions
Insightly Free trial $29 per user 2 user roles, 10 GB of storage Marketing, sales, and service teams
Flowlu + $39 8 users, unlimited projects, tasks, and contacts, 10 GB of storage Sales, accounting, and project management teams
Salesmate Free trial $29 per user 10 workflows, 2 GB of file storage per user Sales leaders who look for highly intuitive and flexible solutions
Revamp CRM + $9 per user 1 user, unlimited contacts eCommerce businesses
Keap Free trial $199 2 users, 1,500 contacts Online stores, agencies, accounting, and consulting teams
Nimble Free trial $29 per seat 25,000 contacts, 2 GB of file storage per user Teams that aim to build strong, lasting customer relationships
Attio + $35 per seat Unlimited seats, up to 5 objects Startups and established SaaS companies

Ultimately, finding the perfect CRM system isn’t a one-day task, and you may need to gather opinions from your team and give a few solutions a test ride before purchasing a long-term plan.

Before you go

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, all-in-one CRM solution, SendPulse may be your best bet. It has everything a small business needs to start tracking sales and building customer relationships without getting overwhelmed by technical details. Our round-the-clock support, onboarding videos, and comprehensive help center are guaranteed to set you up for success.

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