How to edit student data

Once a student enrolls in your course, their data will be saved to Courses > the Students tab. You can edit their data or apply actions to one or multiple students.

You can use the Assign Tag, Delete, and Block actions in the Audience tab, as they apply to all courses in your account.

Edit one student’s data

To apply an action to one student, click the three dots next to their name, and select an action from the dropdown menu. You can select from the following actions:

Change password Change a student's password so they can log in to their account and start learning.
Assign tag Assign a tag to segment students. You can assign only existing CRM tags.
Confirm payment Set a student’s payment status to Paid, and grant access to your course.

Remove a student’s access to their dashboard, and erase their progress in all of your courses.

Blocked students will be excluded from your pricing plan count. They will not be able to access your existing courses or sign up for new ones.

You can unblock them in the CRM section.

Change time limits*

Limit a student’s access to your course. You can select from the following options:

No limit: The student can take your course anytime.

Limit until date: The student has to complete your course by the selected date.

Close access: The student cannot take your course.

Time limits apply only to your current course. Students can still take other courses if their access to them is not limited.

Delete* Delete a student and all their progress.
Move to group Add a student to a group with an assigned instructor.
Assign team member Assign an instructor to specific students without creating a group.

If you unblock a student, you will need to reenroll them in the Students tab, and they will need to complete your lessons and assignments again.

If you delete a student, they will still be able to sign up for your course again on your registration website and get started from the first lesson.

If you remove a student’s time limits, they will be able to continue learning from where they left off.

Edit multiple students’ data

To apply an action to multiple students, select the checkboxes next to them, and then select an action from the panel.

You can apply filter criteria to select a student segment.

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