How to Manage Contacts

You can track your work with contacts, view your interaction history, and see the progress of work with your deals. If necessary, you can manually add new data, leave comments, or contact the client directly.

Contacts are automatically created when you add them to deals or when they go to deals automatically. You can also add them through the "Contacts" tab.

How to View Contact Information

Click on a contact to view information about them. On the right, you will see the person responsible for managing this contact. If necessary, you can reassign a team member to manage a particular contact in this menu.

Next, the customer's contact information is displayed. If necessary, you can change their phone number and add tags.

Next, there are the contact fields. You can add preferences and contact details for personalized communication via email, SMS, and chatbots.

On the right, you can leave comments about the contact. Below is the history of your interactions with a contact and any previous comments. You can choose to display the entire history or only display comments.

How to Reach a Client

You can reach out to the client directly from the contact card via chatbot or email.

The button "Send via chatbot" will be available if the contact is subscribed to one of your linked chatbott. Then you can click Open chat and go to the chat.

You can also send an email the contact — to do this, click Send email.

When configuring the transfer of contacts to mailing lists, you can configure automations and filter segments using variables.

You can also use triggers "Creating a deal" or "Changing deal status" to start automations.

You can also include these triggers in the conditions of autoflows and create personalized scripts — add a script branch based on whether or not a contact’s status has changed or you have created a deal.

How to Add a Contact

Go to the "Contacts" section and click Add contact.

Select a team member to assign to manage this contact. Then, enter the contact’s information and attributes.

Click Add Contact.

Now the contact will be available for selection when you are creating deals.

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