How to Use the "Action" Element

You can perform various actions with the subscribers' data when they get to the "Action" element.

Drag the "Action" element from the left panel right after the desired element, and select one of the actions.

Open the chat

This option allows you to open a chat with the subscriber in the "Conversations" section.

Choose the "Open the chat" action to allow users to contact a human manager if your chatbot cannot assist them with their issue or they want to talk to a human.

You can turn off auto-replies when starting a chatbot flow. This will help you to stop your chatbot from sending messages if the subscriber is already waiting for a human manager. You can pause your bot flows for one, three, six, or 24 hours.

Also, you can set up emails notifying the manager about an open chat that will be sent to the email address they used to register with SendPulse or enable web notifications in the browser or chatbot mobile app.

Unsubscribe from the bot

This option allows you to unsubscribe a user from bulk and automated messages.

Block in a group or channel

This option allows you to block a subscriber in the selected group or channel.

The "Block in a group or channel" and "Unblock in a group or channel" actions are available only for Telegram chatbots on a paid pricing plan.

Read more: How to Block or Unblock a Telegram Group or Channel Member.

Unblock in a group or channel

This option allows you to unblock a subscriber in the selected group or channel.

Add tag

This option allows you to assign a tag to a subscriber.

"Add tag" and "Remove tags" actions are available only on a paid pricing plan.

Remove tags

This option allows you to remove the tag assigned to a user.

Add variable

Adding Your Value

This option allows you to set the variable value that will be be assigned to the subscriber or updated. You can select an existing variable or create a new one.

You can specify dynamic values for numbers and dates. To add or subtract the value of a variable, type +1 or -1. If the current value is empty, the count will start from zero (for numbers) and the current date (for dates).

Adding a Value from Another Variable

For the “Date,” “Date and time,” and “Number” variables types, you can set an offset variable value based on other variables.

Select the “Insert variables” checkbox, and choose a variable:

For dates, choose the current value, another variable of the “Date” type from your bot audience, or the “Subscription date” or “Run date” system variables.
For numbers, choose the current value or another variable of the “Number” type from your bot audience.

You can select the “Add value offset” checkbox and insert a value. For dates, it will be “+” or “-” in minutes, hours, or days; for numbers, it will be numbers.

Send webhook

This option allows you to send a POST request with user data to your URL.

Add this action after an event about which you want to be notified, for example, if a specific client makes an order. Your system will get a POST request with this subscribers’ data and any variables and tags your chatbot gathered.

To add the element to the flow, choose the "Send webhook" action. In the first field, enter a webhook name for the webhook so that you can easily find it by name in your system and filter it. In the second field, add a link to your handler where the POST request will be sent.

"Send webhook" action is available only on a paid plan.

Create deal

This option allows you to create a deal and a contact in your CRM when a specific action is performed, for example, clicking the "Buy" button. Using this action, you can integrate chatbots with CRM.

Select a pipeline and deal stage where you want to place a deal card. Then enter a deal name. You can also add a variable to the deal name to pass custom data.

Notify me

This option sends a message on behalf of your chatbot to the system chatbot or Telegram group. You can use this option to notify the manager about important subscriber actions in the flow or received payments.

To send messages to the "SendPulse Notifications" Telegram system chatbot, click on "Subscribe to the bot" on the right panel.

To send messages to a Telegram group, add the "SendPulse Notifications" system chatbot to the group as an admin. Click on "Add to a group" on the right panel, and configure your chatbot permissions to do this.

Enter your message that is up to 1024 characters. You can add custom variables or subscribers’ last message texts using the last_message variable.

The "Notify me" action is available only on a paid pricing plan.

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