Other Features

How to use more analytics features and other settings

  • How to add web push notifications to a website

    Last Updated: 13.05.2024

    Keep website visitors informed about your recent news, order status updates, and more using web push notifications.

  • How to create a QR code for your website link

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    QR code is a generated barcode that consists of black and white blocks and allows you to encode characters. You can recognize information stored in the code using a smartphone or tablet — just point the camera at the code and a screen will appear asking you to open the information in the app.

  • How to add website metadata

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    You can configure additional information for each site page and improve your site's indexing and search results.

  • How to add a custom font to a website

    Last Updated: 13.05.2024

    Custom fonts can help you create a unique design for your website and bring out your brand style and personality.

  • How to transfer a website and its data to another account

    Last Updated: 29.03.2024

    Agencies can move SendPulse-powered websites or bio link pages to other accounts, which is useful for those involved in custom website development.

  • How to share a website

    Last Updated: 05.03.2024

    You can draw more visitors to your SendPulse-powered website by sharing a link to it.

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