How to transfer a website and its data to another account

Agencies can move SendPulse-powered websites or bio link pages to other accounts, which is useful for those involved in custom website development.

This feature is available only to agencies. Read more: What is agency area.

Types of data you can transfer

You can move website files, images, and your system domain. However, you cannot transfer third-party code, custom domains, and integrations with our CRM system, chatbot builder, online course builder, or analytics features.

You can move both published and unpublished websites. Your website will retain its previous state after you move it to another account — be it published or unpublished.

How to transfer a website

Go to the Websites section, and select a website. Select Actions, and click Transfer to another account.

Select the email address linked to the account to which you want to move your website from the drop-down menu.

Click Transfer.

Once you move your website, it will become unavailable on its previous account. All its integrations and analytics will be reset.

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