Flow Elements

How to create a chatbot flow scenario and work with elements

  • How to Work with the Chatbot Flow Builder

    Last Updated: 18.12.2023

    With SendPulse, you can create automated chatbot flows that will be triggered by a user action or keyword and answer customers’ questions or collect user information according to a predefined scenario.

  • How to Manage Chatbot Flow Triggers

    Last Updated: 27.07.2023

    SendPulse allows you to create automated chatbot flows when a bot answers customer's questions according to an in advance specified scenario that launches on trigger words.

  • How to Use Chatbot Builder Elements

    Last Updated: 17.10.2023

    With SendPulse, you can create a chatbot that will greet your new subscribers, assist users, sell products, as well as collect and filter data and send it to you for further processing. All of your flow elements can be dragged to the working field by left-clicking on them.

  • How to Use the "Action" Element

    Last Updated: 15.01.2024

    You can perform various actions with the subscribers' data when they get to the "Action" element.

  • How to Use the Filter Element in the Chatbot Flow Builder

    Last Updated: 28.11.2023

    Use a filter and separate your audience by their interests, customer status, or other personal data. This will allow you to send more targeted messages or interact with a contact based on their data: send webhooks to your system, open a chat with a manager, assign or update variables and tags, or launch other flows.

  • How to Add a User Input Element

    Last Updated: 15.01.2024

    A user input element will help you gather and store data from your subscribers to further segment them and target the right audience with personalized messages.

  • How to Accept Chatbot Payments

    Last Updated: 21.02.2024

    Implement payment for products in one click - add a payment button a message based on your chatbot scenario and automate the purchase process.

  • How to Use the “Randomizer” Element

    Last Updated: 01.08.2023

    The “Randomize” element allows you to send elements from your chatbot script at random for A/B testing, creating quizzes, and more. Customize the size of the recipient group for each option and send random information or test different chatbot scenarios.

  • How to Send Webhooks Via Chatbots

    Last Updated: 04.12.2023

    You can configure sending webhooks according to your chatbot flow script or activate global webhooks for different chatbot events and receive and save data in your system.

  • How to Send and Receive Data from External Sources

    Last Updated: 29.12.2023

    Automating the data retrieval process has become even easier with API requests. You can request data about the information your user is interested in, create a customer profile, or register for an event in external systems. In response, you receive information that you can display directly in a message to the user or save it to a chatbot variable.

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