The Text element in chatbots

This element is used to communicate with users to inform or guide them.

Let’s talk about how to add the Text element and customize it.

Add a message

By default, when you add the Message element, it already has the Text element. You can delete and edit it or add more elements to it.

To add a new element, in the Message element, click Add, and select the Text element.

Enter your message text. To enhance and structure your text, you can also add emoji.

Your character limit is determined by the messaging platform or communication channel where your bot is hosted. Telegram, Viber, and live chat bots allow you to add up to 2,000 characters. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp chatbots allow you to add up to 512 characters.

Personalize your message

You can also add variables to personalize messages. For example, this allows you to address users by name or clarify their order data.

You can use your existing variable values or the ones retrieved from other elements.

To select variables, click {} in the upper right corner of the text field.

To add temporary variables, copy the API Request and Payment element variables as JSON Path expressions — you can only use them in your next message once.

Learn more: Using data as a JSON Path expression and How to continue the flow: The Successful Payment branch.

Add more elements

You can also add the Button element to help users navigate, media files (Image, File, Audio, and Video), and the Wait for the subscriber's response element to collect user data.

Learn also: List of supported elements.

To add another element, click + Add, and select an element. To add a button, click + Add button, and select a button type.

If you want to add a lot of text, it's best to break it down into multiple text elements. You can add the Delay element between them to give users time to read your message before getting the next one.

Add the Button or Quick Replies elements, and branch your scenario based on users’ choices to enhance subscriber engagement and personalize their experience.

Once you customize the element, click Apply, and start adding other elements and linking them.

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