How to manage contact attributes

You can add fields and tags to contacts to capture additional information. For example, you can add the location of your contact, their preferences, indicate the status of the client, and so on. Also, you can make use of this data for personalized communication.

When you edit the attributes in the contacts settings, their names will change in the card of each contact. To access your contacts settings, go to Contacts > Contacts Settings.


To view and edit contact fields, go to the Fields tab. This is where all of the fields that you create for contacts and deals in cards are located.

You can disable the added fields, edit, or delete them.

You can also add new fields that will be available by default when creating deals and contacts.

Click Add Field.

Enter the field name and select the field type: string, number, email, phone, or list.

You can make each field required for selection.

For the field type List, you can add variants and specify the option Allow multiple choice of options.

When creating and editing a contact, you can select one or more preset options.


You can add tags for additional personalization and organization of work with contacts.

To view, delete, or change the names of tags created in the contact card, go to the Tags tab.

Click Add Tag.

Enter a title, and select a color that will be assigned to this tag. Click Save.

Also, you can see the number of contacts who have been assigned a given tag, delete, or edit a tag.

To add a new tag, go to the contact card, click on the Add tags field, and enter a tag name.

To apply tags to a group of contacts, switch to the "List" display mode for deals, mark the contacts and click Assign tags.

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