How to enroll students in a course

To access course materials, students must be registered for your course. You can add them manually via your personal account, or students can enroll in a course themselves via the course website.

How to register for a course

Registration for the course and access to your lessons require confirmation — each student who enrolled in the course or whom you added via your account must confirm their registration via email.

The confirmation email, like other system emails, is sent from the standard sender address ( You can change the email address in the Settings > Email address of the sender tab.

Please note that you need to confirm your email address in the SMTP service for it to become available in the EDU section.

To access your paid course, the student will have to pay for it in their student's account using the payment method you chose or via the link in the next email and wait for the course start date.

If you have set up a free course, then every student who confirms the enrollment in your course will be able to immediately start the lessons.

How to add students via your account

Go to Students tab, and click Add student.

You will be able to send invitations to users once you publish your registration site and launch the course.


Enter students’ email addresses manually, adding each new contact in a new line. You can manually upload up to 1000 addresses.

Select an email language.

You can also assign tags to all the students you add.

You can also create accounts for your students to allow them to take courses without registration confirmation. Enable the Create account option, and your students will receive an email with their login information instead of a registration link.

One by one

When you add students’ email addresses one at a time, you can also add their first and last name.

Go to the Individual Entry tab, and enter the student's email address and first and last name.

After you have added or selected email addresses from the mailing list, click Add.

The specified students will receive a confirmation email to register for your course. By clicking on the link in the email, the user will be redirected to the site — they will need to enter their password to access their student's account.

From other courses

Available with the Pro plan and above, as well as during the 7-day free trial

You can also enroll students from other courses and choose additional invitation conditions.

Go to the From other courses tab, select a course from the list, and click Ok.

You can also choose the tag you used to segment your course students. To do this, select one from the list.

In the Student progress field, you can select students based on a certain status.

Registered Students who registered for a free course but haven't started it yet.
Paid Students who paid for a course but haven't started it yet.
Unpaid Students who have enrolled in a paid course but have not yet paid for it.
Taking a course Students who are currently taking a course.
Successfully completed course Students who successfully completed a course and received a certificate.
Failed course Students who did not meet course completion criteria and did not receive a certificate.

Select your invitation language, choose a tag, and click Invite.

How to allow students to enroll by themselves

A registration page with course description is automatically generated for each course. You can also create and customize your page. Visitors can find your page using a search engine and enroll in your course.

Read more: How to customize your course site.

A website with a course description and a possibility to enroll is generated for each course. Visitors can find the site using a search engine and enroll in your course.

You can also post a link to the course registration site on social media or send it via private messages.

Students who visited your course page can register regardless of whether the course is currently active or not.

To enroll in your course, a student needs to click "Register" on the course registration page.

Next, the student enters their personal data.

After clicking “Register,” a confirmation email will be sent to their email address. They will be able to log into their student’s accounts to take the course after confirming their registration by clicking on the link in the email.

If the student did not receive a confirmation email, you may advise them to check their Spam folder or request an email resend.

Each site visitor can ask questions using the feedback form on your registration page.

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