How to Customize Your Course Site

A course registration page is automatically created in the "Sites" section under the "EDU" tab for each course. In your site settings, you can configure the course site address, add a favicon, and connect additional analytics scripts.

In this article, we will take a look at the site settings and elements from the course settings that are used for the site in more detail.

How to Find Your Site Settings

Go to the "EDU" section of the desired site, and click the "Site Settings" icon.

You will be redirected to the "Sites" section, and you will see your site settings in the "General" tab.

You can also go to the "Sites" section yourself and select a site with the name of your course.

In the "General" tab, you can change the general settings of the site: edit the name of the site inside your account, add a domain, include a site favicon, and remove the logo.

In the "Analytics" tab, you can connect Google Analytics and the Facebook pixel and meta tag for additional analysis of your website performance data.

In the “Custom Code” tab, you can add your code to embed analytics or other scripts into your site HTML.

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How to Customize Page 

By default, your course registration and student account login pages are generated automatically with the same URL that was used to create your course.

You cannot edit an automatically generated page using the website builder, but you can customize some of its elements. To develop a page with your own design, create a new page, and add the necessary widget to it.

Customizing an Automatically Generated Page

You can customize the following elements of your course registration page: course name, description, cover, format, price, program, and instructors.

When a page is created automatically, the information from your course settings is used to generate your page content.

Let's take a look at each element of the example below.

To edit a course name and landing page, go to "EDU" > "Courses," select your course, and click the pencil icon next to its name. 

To edit the course description and cover, go to the "Settings" tab, and edit the content in the corresponding fields. Select a course language.

Your course start date, description, and price are displayed under its name on the course page. You can edit these elements in the ”Description,” "Course format" and "Pricing options" course setting fields.

The course program displays the lesson and section titles in the order you set them up. You can change their order, description, or title in the lesson builder.

To change the name of a lesson, click on it, and edit the name.

To change the order of your lessons, go to the list of lessons, and drag and drop the desired lesson.

Your students see only the "Active" lessons.

Under the course program, there are instructors’ photos and names.

To edit an instructor’s avatar, go to the "Overview" tab. In the "Instructors" section, next to the instructor, click on the three dots, select "Edit," and choose a new picture.

You can edit the instructor name in the invited user settings.

Creating a Custom Page

When creating your own page, the information from your course settings will not be automatically added to it. You will need to add your page content yourself.

Go to "Landing pages." In the left panel, find the list of sites linked to the EDU service, and open the one you need. Click Add Page.

Add your site content using elements, sections, and widgets, and use the "Login EDU" widget.

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If you want the created page to be your course registration page instead of the automatically generated one, select it in the site settings. In the "Main page" field, select a page from the drop-down list

How to Delete a Site

You cannot delete a site of your existing course separately from the course itself, but you can unpublish it in the “EDU” or “Site” section to prevent new users from registering.

To delete a site, you need to delete your course in the “Courses” section. Go to your course, click “Actions” under the course name, and select “Delete.”

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